On September 3, I celebrated blogging for five years! We were away on vacation during that time, so I was unable to write about it on the big day.Yep! It was the big…zero-five. Of the five years, this one has been my most difficult. Not because the desire to blog or write has waned, but because the words have not come as easily as they once did. I have been through some personal trials that are hard to share with the world at large. Also, it’s been a very busy season for me. When the choice had to be made between living or blogging, well, living won! And, to top it off, my confidence in what I was saying, and the point of saying it, came in to question. Why do I do this? In an internet crazed society, where blogs are available by the million, what point is there in mine? I have done some soul searching, some praying and some plain-ol’ thinking, and I’ve realized that I blog for two reasons:

#1. I blog for myself. I like re-reading my posts and seeing my kids as they’ve grown and changed. I always feel better after writing, so for me, blogging is therapy. Free therapy. It helps me to sort things out, share thoughts, and bronze memories.

#2. I blog for you. You might be my mother, or some other relative. If so, I blog to keep in touch with you. You might be my friend, who cares about my life and wants to keep in touch with me. If so, I’m glad you’re here! Or, you might be an enemy, and believe me, I have them!You might want to see if your gossip is affecting me; if I’m quitting or giving up. I hope you see that I’m still hanging in there, serving the Lord. I hope you see that I bear no grudges or hard feelings. Most of all, I hope you’ll stop being my enemy, and become my friend, for I am already yours. You might be someone who heard from a friend that I’m a nice person (unless you’ve talked to my enemies! lol!), and you’ve dropped by out of curiosity. If so, one of my all-time favorite things is meeting new people, making new friends! I love my family, and I love people, so it is you for whom I blog.

Five years seems like a very long time! A lot has happened in my life over those five years. I thought I’d share a few posts from the past to celebrate my [belated] fifth blogging anniversary.

My very first post.
What my kids looked like when I started blogging. *sniff sniff*
One of my favorite posts. 
Okay, another one of my favorite posts.
The post that has received the most hits (since May of 2010 when I started this current site): What I Love About You  – 3,795 hits
Second most popular post: Listening Sheets – 2,770 hits
Most popular page: My Love Story  1,651 hits
Total comments: (drum roll, please.) 2,784! Thank you! Those comments are the frosting on my blogging anniversary cake! They mean so much to me.
A few other stats:

  • This blog began as “Life in the Hill Country” and then moved to, “Valerie’s Hope Chest”. For a short time, I had my own domain, valeriebasham.com, using WordPress. In May of 2010, I moved to valerie-thebishopswife.blogspot.com. In January of 2012, I relocated everything to Blogger using my own domain name, valeriewritenow.com. I hope it stays here. Forever. *Phew*
  • I’ve had several different layouts over the years. One was designed by a friend and the rest by me. I enjoy tinkering around with the design, but I love writing more than I do the web design. That’s why I haven’t changed the look since January! (gasp!) Sorry about that.

Some of you, okay, maybe only two of you, have been with me since the very beginning. Thank you for being my online friend. Thank you for reading, for looking at my photos, for laughing and for crying with me. (Even if some of those tears were because you’d never read a worse blog post anywhere on the web.) Thank you for the comments you’ve left and the prayers you’ve prayed for me over the years. Thank you for finding me on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest and being my friend, there, too!
To my newer friends, thank you for joining me in whatever wacky phase of life I’m currently in. You have many choices in blog-reading-material, and I am so honored you’ve chosen me! I have no books to sell. I have no quota to meet. I just love writing.

And comments.

Just those two things. 🙂

With love,

5 thoughts on “Why I Keep Blogging

  1. Amanda Tyler says:

    Congrats on five years! I enjoy reading what you write, and keeping up with you and your family. Praying for you!


  2. Happy 5th Blogging Birthday! Always a JOY to catch up with you.


  3. Kristy... says:

    YAY for five years.
    I for one enjoy your blog and I am proud we are “friends” You have helped me so much in several situations never even have met me. You have a servants heart to be sure!

    Here's to five more years! 🙂


  4. ~Valencia~ says:

    Congrats! Your blog inspires me and I am so glad that you will continue to write. 🙂


  5. Victoria says:

    I don't always comment, but I do follow your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. I first “met” you through Homeschool Enrichment Magazine and have been following your blog ever since. 🙂


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