home improvement

A Project

This is what you see when you open the door from the carport:
Oh! Welcome! Come on in! 
Notice the coats? We used to cram about 17 more coats on this little rack.
But yesterday, my wonderful husband bought me the following coat hook bar, which he promptly installed for me this morning:

Ahhh…here is the new home to those 17 other coats, and the best part is that it’s at kid-height, so they can hang up their own coats. Did you get that last part? Hang up their own coats. Someone please say, “Merry Christmas, Mom.” 
 Above the new coat rack is our “library book shelf”, aka “the iron and starch shelf”.

This is what is below the coat rack. A pair of boots and a rug in desperate need of vacuuming. 
But blogging is so much more fun than vacuuming. 
Until next time,


4 thoughts on “A Project

  1. It's amazing how little things like that make a big difference. I bought three suction cup hooks to hang in the boys' bathroom so they can easily hang their own towel, and it has changed my life!! Every little thing helps!


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