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It Is Well {Video}

This past Sunday, August 27, 2017 (which was also Lauren’s 18th birthday!), the girls sang “It Is Well” for our afternoon services while Mitchell accompanied them on the piano. This song is one of my favorites and was my dad’s favorite as well, so it was extra special to me that this is the one… Continue reading It Is Well {Video}

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First Day of School {2017}

Well, what’s that old saying? Better late than never? Ha! I’m really late posting these photos, that’s for sure! Our first day of school here at the Basham hacienda was Monday, August 7, 2017. We hit the ground running! I have been so busy, that I am just now getting this written. We began our… Continue reading First Day of School {2017}

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The Foreknowledge of God

  I read The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink in 2015 and published a review about this excellent little book. It is written in seventeen chapters, or articles, which are succinct and easy to follow. Mr. Pink, as Dr. R.C. Sproul, has a gift for explaining deep theological concepts in simple ways. I am… Continue reading The Foreknowledge of God


Theological Term of the Week: Transubstantiation

This week’s term: Transubstantiation – The Catholic doctrine that when the priest sanctifies the bread and wine, they are transformed into the actual body and blood of Christ. In medieval European terminology, this “blessed bread was referred to as the “good god”. Last week’s term: Protestantism – The group of churches that came out of Catholicism… Continue reading Theological Term of the Week: Transubstantiation

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Lauren: Enthusiastic at Eighteen

I have officially raised a child to adulthood. If you think that’s because I’m some kinda smart lady, think again. Lauren Kassidy is my first child. She has borne the burden of my exceedingly high and unrealistic expectations. I didn’t really know what to expect from a baby, toddler, preschooler, elementary-schooler, middle-schooler, or high schooler… Continue reading Lauren: Enthusiastic at Eighteen


Theological Term of the Week: Protestantism

This week’s term: Protestantism – The group of churches that came out of Catholicism in protest to the heresies and spiritual crimes being committed in, and by, the Roman Catholic Church. These groups, without exception, still hold to the validity of a “Holy Catholic Church”. Catholicism, wishing to assert itself as the original church of… Continue reading Theological Term of the Week: Protestantism


Theological Term of the Week: Catholicism

This week’s term: Catholicism – Catholic means universal Rome, which both aspired to, and claimed to be, a universal government, realizing to remain so they needed control over a universal church, conceived of, and implemented, the Roman Catholic Church. Last week’s term: Ecclesiology – Greek (assembly) -ology (study). The study of the church.