My Kids May Kill Me

I’ve been blogging for almost ten years. I’ve got Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But I’d never tried making a a YouTube video, well, not counting all the videos of my kids saying and doing adorable things. During a recent hunt for curriculum reviews, I realized that videos are a faster and more interesting way to… Continue reading My Kids May Kill Me

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Happy Birthday From The Rebellious One

Those who know me personally know this has been the hardest year of my life. I didn’t think I’d ever write again, especially here, but this is a special occasion, one which prompted me to blow off the dust and cobwebs here and give it a whirl. I’ve never experienced more heartache and loss than… Continue reading Happy Birthday From The Rebellious One


Miracle on Webster Avenue

Have you ever reached the end of yourself? I mean, really? That point where you feel as though you have failed in your life’s purpose – you’ve failed God, your family, your friends, and only death seems a suitable ending to it all? I have reached that point this year. Life has not been what… Continue reading Miracle on Webster Avenue

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Laci: Elegant at Eleven

Today is my darling Laci Elizabeth’s 11th birthday. It seems like only yesterday she was two, running around and singing. and talking and getting into things! She is growing into a lovely young lady and I’m so thankful for her spunk, spirit, and personality. Here’s a look back: Open-mouthed and bright-eyed at One! Transcribing at Two! 🙂… Continue reading Laci: Elegant at Eleven


Theological Term of the Week: Sacerdotalism

This week’s term: Sacerdotalism – That division of Christendom which believes that the ordinances or other religious activities, constitute sacraments, and therefore have, in some measure, saving or keeping power.  Last week’s term: Neo-Evangelicalism – Participating in a new, modernized, or unorthodox evangelism. Instead of preaching the Gospel, and accepting spontaneous professions, they seek to extract… Continue reading Theological Term of the Week: Sacerdotalism