I’m sorry I failed to post yesterday. We had Terry’s younger brother, Joel, and his family here. They were passing through on their way home
to Trenton, Missouri. We enjoyed seeing them so much, but it was all too brief. We hadn’t seen them in two years, and well, that’s just too long! They could only stay a few hours because they had such a long drive ahead of them. We were able to take some family photos, which you’ll see at the bottom of the page.
I also wanted to include some recent photos of the kids!
Hope you enjoy them!

Terry made the kids some “glasses” out of chenille wire! Very funny!

Leslie would look pretty good, if these were on straight! :o)

I was able to find all three girls matching dresses for Christmas, so I couldn’t resist a photo to bronze the moment!
Mitchell got a new outfit too! Here they are, best friends!

The entire Basham Clan! (This was hard to do with so many little kids, and we used the timer feature on our camera!) Say “WE LOVE TEXAS!”
The Basham Grandkids. L-R: Lauren (holding Timmy), J.T., Mitchell(holding Laci), and Leslie
Mitch and J.T.
The Basham Boys! Terry II, Joel, J.T. and Mitch

4 thoughts on “News From Us ~

  1. Misty says:

    So cute! I bet it was great to see them but hard for them to go. We got to see Joel and family at Christmas and it was nice. I love all the pics…the only thing you are missing…is little Timmy in the Basham Boys pic!! Take care and I posted a new blog!

    Love Misty


  2. Mother says:

    Terry is quite the “artist!” I love the glasses!
    When I saw the picture of the guys, I thought it was Bro. Basham holding the baby until I read the caption. Of course, on my computer the photos don't come across very clearly. The girls look wonderful in their beautiful dresses. Could you e-mail me that photo so I can see it more clearly?
    I love you.


  3. That is wonderful that you got to see your relatives yesterday. What a treat for you guys!

    Your pictures turned out really good. The picture of the girls matching dresses is beautiful. You caught the sun just right and they look like little Angels! How fun for the girls to dress up alike.

    I thought the glasses were plastic until I read what you wrote. No fear of them breaking their glasses this way. They can bend them all they want. And you can't beat the price! It looks like the kids had a lot of fun with them. I think your husband did too!

    Well, I'm finally off to bed. Had to get a lot done before tomorrow or wait today. lol

    We are taking the kids to the Children Museum, visiting Mrs. Barb in rehab, and than back home to make supper for the Taylor's. ~Missionaries~ Planting Hispanic churches in the US.

    Thought I would send you a note wishing you a blessed weekend filled up with Family, Friends and God's Service. I won't be back on here until Monday. Until than, Keep Smiling!


  4. Mother says:

    Duh! I just realized today that I could click on the photos and enlarge them so I could see them more distinctly. They are so good. The girls are so beautiful in their matching dresses.
    I love you.


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