Driving Miss Valerie

On our way home from our vacation, we took a pit stop somewhere near Memphis, TN. (All the towns sort of ran together toward the end of our journey.) I let Matthew sit in the driver’s seat to get a little exercise since there wasn’t a good place to let him crawl around. It was hot so I had the van running to have the AC going. He had a big time grabbing the steering wheel, turning the left signal light on and turning on the windshield wipers. I thought these photos were just so cute! But, I am a bit prejudiced! 😉

I had planned to post these last week, but Matthew’s emergency surgery preempted my plans. I’m so thankful that my little happy guy is okay and still smiling.

“Ready? Here we go!! “
 “Oh dear, construction up ahead. Too bad I can’t see up ahead! These gauges are nice to look at, though.”
“Is it clear on the right? We’re having a little rain. Better turn on the wipers.”
“Ah, YES! This is MUCH better!”

You know, he’s not a bad chauffeur, for a 10 month old! 😉

With love,


The Creation Museum

On Monday, May 23, we were able to stop by the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. It was a wonderful experience. It thrilled us to be in a place that was devoted to proving our faith, and believe me, the proof is all around us. I have 47 photos to share today, so I hope you have a few minutes to hit the high points of the museum with me. I could have shared 347, but I won’t. 🙂 If you ever get the chance, you must stop by this exciting place!
A chance for kids to search for hidden fossils on this wall.
An original Greek manuscript.
A copy of the Torah on sheepskin, confiscated from the Iraqi palace when Saddam Hussein was captured. It is dated at 300 years old!
A copy of the Torah found in Germany, hidden by Jews during the time of Hitler.
Adam and Eve. 
Adam in the Garden.
The serpent – I loved that I got Mitchell’s expression here. He wasn’t posing!
Eve, giving Adam the forbidden fruit. They think it was a type of berry or grape! The hand holding the fruit was shaking!
Eve, sorrowing over the sacrifice of an innocent lamb so she could have clothing.
The lamb, a picture of Jesus! There is no more need of a lamb, because of the Lamb – the Son of God!
Adam, working.
An angry T-Rex after the fall of man.
Do you see the bird in the upper left hand corner of this photo?
I zoomed waaay in and got this photo! 
Expectant Eve. I never think of her this way, so I thought this was neat.
Cain & Abel.

An idea of how thick the walls of the Ark could have been! Incredible!
They theorize that because of Noah’s faithfulness to the Lord, he was probably wealthy enough to hire laborers to help build the Ark. Here, these men on break are talking about how Noah is a religious fanatic!
My favorite part of the exhibit were these dioramas of the Ark!

A model of what the inside of the Ark might have looked like.
Cages for animals.
Cows eating. 🙂

I thought the detail on this diorama was so neat. See the algae, barnacles and slime on the bottom of the Ark?
I just thought this photo was cute! 🙂
We enjoyed hearing Ken Ham’s son-in-law, Bodie Hodge, speak about Dinosaurs, Dragons and the Bible. He autographed a book for the kids and posed for a photo. He and Terry got to chat for a while.
See this!! It’s Home School Enrichment magazine for sale in the Creation Museum Bookstore! My article is in it! I posed for a photo beside it and I know the cashier, who was watching, thought I was nuts. And, yep, she’s right! 😉
A real Raptor egg.
Lauren looking scared next to the T-Rex.
Lauren and Mitchell pretend to be running from the T-Rex! 🙂
A T-Rex egg, about the size of a football!
A T-Rex tooth. It was HUGE.
Me when I got up that morning.
They not only have an extraordinary museum, but a beautiful garden and petting zoo!

The Lord gave us beautiful weather for our day at the Creation Museum. We had a wonderful time with each other, learning more about God’s amazing world. By the end of the day, we were tired. But it was a good tired.


The Safety Carnival

My in-laws graciously offered to take our four older children to the safety carnival put on by their community last Saturday. Matthew stayed with Terry’s grandmother and Terry and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon out alone together in Dublin, Ohio! We ate at Texas Roadhouse and had some ice cream at Dairy Queen. My father-in-law sent me these photos of the kids at the carnival. They were very tired when they got home and took good naps! 🙂 One very exciting thing was that Leslie won a bicycle and helmet in a drawing!!! She was also supposed to have her picture in the newspaper up there, but since we don’t live there, we weren’t sure which one! I’m hoping someone up there sees it and can pass it along to us. (hint, hint, Ohio readers!) 🙂 The new bike is such a blessing! Laci is now needing a bike, but we haven’t been able to purchase her one. With Leslie winning this one, we can pass on Leslie’s old bike to Laci. My kids were all very happy for their sister. This warmed my heart more than anything. Here are some photos from that day.

 Laci got her face painted.
Some sort of robot…the kids couldn’t remember what it was for! 
 Leslie getting her prize with Granddad! She’s my shy one! 🙂
They enjoyed snowcones! Leslie got to make her own and, well, got a bit carried away. 🙂
All the kids could take a one minute rescue boat ride. 
 Grandma and Granddad took the kids to a local park, which, according to the kids, was the best one EVER! 
We went to a Chinese buffet for Leslie’s 6th birthday. They played a birthday song for her over the loud speaker and brought her a little dessert with a candle in it! (I’m sorry you can’t see the dessert very well! I took a bad photo here.)
I have more to share soon! Thanks for reading!


Precious Memories

We are enjoying our vacation so very much. It’s been great to visit with our family and let the kids enjoy time with their grandparents. Here are a few photos of our trip.

 The girls put Matthew in this doll playpen. We had a very sick boy during the first two days of our trip. He had an ear infection and was not interested in playing. He let the girls use him as their living doll, though. 

Mostly, he did this till we got his antibiotic. Eight hours after getting it in his system, he perked up!

 He wasn’t interested in playing much, so Lauren kept him happy by pulling him around on Grandma’s rug. 
 Grandma found some Home Depot building kits at Goodwill! Lauren made a periscope and Mitch made a boat! 
 Working hard on their projects.
 Matthew is finally wanting to crawl around and play!
 More work!
Grandma helps Mitchell hammer and use a screwdriver. She’s an expert builder! She’s made bookshelves and other things. 🙂
Yep, it works! There are Lauren’s eyes! 
We visited several Goodwill stores in Ohio. I found these books for the kids! We love getting books. I also got a hardback copy of And Then What Happened Paul Revere?
 Grandma, who is also a wonderful seamstress, made the little girls play wedding dresses and veils! They were so excited!! She bought white tee shirts and used scraps from her job at David’s Bridal to make these frilly mini-wedding dresses!
Grandma with her girls and their special dresses. I know I’ll blink my eyes and they will be getting married for real!! 
Grandma and Granddad took all the kids to a safety carnival in their town. Leslie happened to win a drawing for a BRAND NEW BIKE and HELMET!! (More on the carnival later) Here she is with her prize. 🙂

Grandma taught Lauren how to make some jewelry. I think Lauren has found a new hobby. 🙂
Here’s her necklace. She also made a bracelet, which I must not have photographed…hmmm.
Grandma, Granddad and the grandkids, all ready for church.
I’ve got so much more to share with you – the carnival, our visit to the Creation Museum, and other cute pics. 
Thanks for reading!


My Superboy

We have had a wonderful vacation! In fact, we are still on vacation! I wanted to check in with you loyal readers to let you know we are all fine. Matthew had an ear infection at the beginning of our trip. I was worried about his getting sick while we were away before we ever packed a bag. He had had a runny nose for about two weeks. I felt that an ear infection was inevitable (it runs in the family!). Sure enough, he started running a fever and not sleeping the day we arrived at the grandparents. Our pediatrician (who is forever now endeared to us) called in a Z-pack for him so that we didn’t have to take him to the ER in Ohio! Her phone call saved us $500 or more! Praise the Lord! The medicine worked quickly – he perked up within 8 hours of getting on the medicine. He’s back to 100% now. 🙂

We have been blessed with safety thus far and have enjoyed each others’ company, as well as the company of the grandparents and friends in Ohio immensely. I can’t wait to get home, get settled and start sharing some photos of our travels with you!  Thank you for praying for us. We’re heading home soon, and praying for continued safety.

In the meantime, I wanted to share these photos of some more cute jammies I found for Matthew! I couldn’t resist getting them right before we left for Ohio.

 Whenever I have a bad day, he comes to the rescue with a heart-melting smile. 
Well, there’s trouble in Metropolis, so he’s off. 

See you soon!