Make a Difference

Mom and Dad, at Mom’s farewell party at Jessieville Elementary School. Photo courtesy of her friend and colleague, Mrs. Cheryl Kastner. She’s sort of like a doctor, only for learning disabilities. She worked hard for many years helping hundreds of students who struggle. She makes learning fun. She knows how to teach the mind and… Continue reading Make a Difference

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I’m Sorry I’m a Stressed-Out Mom: An Open Letter to My Kids

Dear Children, When your dad knocked on the door of the brown brick house on Karen Street nineteen years ago to ask your papa for my hand in marriage, your papa wisely told him, “Terry, she’ll need a strong leader.” He said this because he knew my stubborn, determined will better than anyone. One thing… Continue reading I’m Sorry I’m a Stressed-Out Mom: An Open Letter to My Kids

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The King Would Be Proud

I’ve mentioned my friend, Elna, recently, as well as her blog. Several months ago, Elna shared a documentary about Queen Elizabeth that was quite fascinating. My entire family has a great admiration for all things British, and this piece on the Queen at 90 did not disappoint. I wish I could link to it, but… Continue reading The King Would Be Proud

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Musings on Motherhood

I’m often overwhelmed with life (laundry, homeschooling, cooking, planning, and so forth), but I’m also overwhelmed with the responsibility of molding young minds and pointing hearts to the Lord. We read the Bible to them, we help them memorize scripture, we pray, we listen, we try to answer their tough questions, but, somehow, I know… Continue reading Musings on Motherhood

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Nothing Left

It was Sunday, October 18, 2015. I sat in my recliner, my coffee beside me, my fuzzy blanket over me, my Bible open with my Sunday school lesson resting on top. I stared at the words, and the words just stared back. I often fight the flesh when it’s time to get out of bed.… Continue reading Nothing Left


My Disappointed Dad

A few weeks ago, a Christian friend told me how disappointed my dad would be in me because I believe in God’s sovereign grace. Any regular reader of my blog knows that my dad and I were very close, therefore, these words were particularly cutting. I’ve thought and thought about them. Then I asked myself,… Continue reading My Disappointed Dad

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Overcoming Depression Day by Day

I have battled depression for many years. I had my first foray into the crazy world of mixed-up emotions when my oldest child was a newborn. She will be sixteen in a few months, and in that time, depression has been just outside my door. And sometimes right inside the living room. Every day, I… Continue reading Overcoming Depression Day by Day

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Hanging On and Letting Go

I’m only five weeks (not counting this one!) from finishing up this school year. Yep. Just five short, long weeks to go. I’m doing all I can to keep putting one foot in front of the other. But, I am in a strait. I want to be done, and I don’t want to be done.… Continue reading Hanging On and Letting Go


To Those Who Write about Modesty

Modesty is a hugely popular subject online these days. Blog posts run the gamut. Some take a broad look, some are more specific, like the recent surge in articles about yoga pants. Those who know me in real life, know that I can be *ahem* a tad bit opinionated. It may be hard to believe,… Continue reading To Those Who Write about Modesty