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Fun Fridays with Mom

We, like most people, live busy lives. As a homeschooling mom, you would probably assume that I spend a lot of time with my children. I do, but it’s always time-with-a-purpose. I’m teaching them school, or how to do a chore, or talking to them about the upcoming activities, or correcting them. I rarely spend… Continue reading Fun Fridays with Mom

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Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Happy Independence Day! I often wish that I could be more cosmopolitan. I’d love to travel to Europe, maybe parts of Asia, or Africa. I even sometimes wonder what it’s like to live in another country, and speak more than one language! But, as I think about being from somewhere else, I can’t help but… Continue reading Patriotic Fruit Pizza

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Red, White and Blue T-Shirts

We had a very nice fourth of July at home this year. Terry grilled hamburgers and steaks and we enjoyed eating strawberry shortcake. I thought I’d pass along this very popular craft that we did with the kids this year. You have probably seen it around on Pinterest, Instagram or elsewhere on the net –… Continue reading Red, White and Blue T-Shirts

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Thanksgiving Day

We usually do some traveling on this holiday, but this year, we just stayed home. I missed seeing my family very much, but there were good things about staying home. We made some great memories. I am hoping that I can “have my cake and eat it too” by seeing my family in the coming… Continue reading Thanksgiving Day

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Some Easter Fun

I’m always looking for ways to make memories with my children. While we do not host elaborate Easter egg or candy hunts to attract crowds to our church (because, isn’t the Gospel of Christ enough?), we do enjoy spending time as a family. I try to use the Resurrection Eggs with my kids each year,… Continue reading Some Easter Fun

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A Tour of Braum’s

Our first “Oklahoma” thing to do was tour the Braum’s factory in Tuttle, Oklahoma. Braum’s is a restaurant famous for its delicious ice cream. Their food comes fresh to each store, which is why the majority of stores are in Oklahoma. They have to be within a 300 mile radius of the farm and factory… Continue reading A Tour of Braum’s

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Oklahoma City

Last week, my girls had to say goodbye to a friend who is moving with her family to a new Army post. It was a sad night. Because we were a little sad, and because we all lost an hour of sleep last weekend,  we decided that our little homeschool would begin our spring break… Continue reading Oklahoma City

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A Weird Week

Two weeks ago, we had a winter storm that nearly prevented us from going to my mom’s for Thanksgiving. The Lord allowed us to make it safely there and back, with no delays due to weather. The week after a vacation, though, is always weird. Suitcases – seven of them – are lying in odd… Continue reading A Weird Week

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A Fun Festival and a Cozy Fire

In October, my husband was invited to preach at a Harvest Festival hosted by Coweta Baptist Church in Coweta, Oklahoma. This church treated us so kindly! We had a wonderful time of fellowship. I made several new friends that I hope I get to see again very soon. 🙂 Here are a few photos of… Continue reading A Fun Festival and a Cozy Fire