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Thanksgiving Traditions

My family and I enjoyed a visit with my mom, brother and sister and their families in my hometown this Thanksgiving. I was also able to see my uncles and aunts and a few cousins over the week. I must admit that, while I did count my blessings on Thanksgiving Day, I didn’t feel as… Continue reading Thanksgiving Traditions

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Down, But Not Out

I have spent the majority of this week sick in bed. Congested, achy, coughing and miserable. Just today I have felt life flowing in my veins again! We are planning to be away next week for Thanksgiving, at least, I am hoping that I’m up to the trip. Our entire family has passed croup around,… Continue reading Down, But Not Out

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Thankful for the Cemetery

Holidays will never be the same. You might not think that one person’s absence can make life look so completely different, but it can. It has for me, anyway. Nothing is the same. My most precious treasures now are my memories. Sometimes, I fear that if I live to be 80, I’ll have lost that… Continue reading Thankful for the Cemetery

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Wonderful and Excellent is He!

Is. 28:29 This also cometh forth from the LORD of hosts, which is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in working.I really loved this verse this morning. The verses before it are about the prediction of the Assyrian takeover of Ephraim. Ephraim’s fate is a warning to Judah. To wrap up this chapter, Isaiah says that… Continue reading Wonderful and Excellent is He!

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My Heart Is Full, and Overflowing

This will be my last post until November 26th. I will be leaving to go home on Monday to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my Mom and my sister and her family. I am really excited about it.Thanksgiving often gets overlooked. We are all in such a rush to get to Christmas that we forget… Continue reading My Heart Is Full, and Overflowing