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My Speech for Mitchell’s Graduation

I wanted to share the speech I gave at Mitchell’s graduation for two reasons: First, many friends and family couldn’t attend the ceremony due to COVID-19. Second, I shared my speech from Lauren’s graduation here three years ago. Why not keep the trend going? When we started planning this occasion in January, long before the… Continue reading My Speech for Mitchell’s Graduation

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Mitchell: Fantastic at Fifteen

Today, my son, Mitchell, turns fifteen years old. I am thankful for his smile, his exuberance, and his sweet spirit each day, but this year is extra special for me. I am so thankful to be getting to celebrate this birthday with him. On October 22, 2016, while out on one of his regular bike… Continue reading Mitchell: Fantastic at Fifteen

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Another Milestone for Mitchell

Today, my firstborn son turns 14! I say it in every birthday post I write, but only because I realize it anew with each passing birthday, so here I go again: It seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby! I can still see his little body swaddled tightly in a baby blanket. Today, he… Continue reading Another Milestone for Mitchell

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Mitchell is 13

It’s hard to believe that I have two teenagers now. It seems like yesterday I was chasing my adorable, chubby little toddler around the house. When he was two years old, Lauren began Kindergarten. We sang a little vowel song each day, sometimes more than once. It wasn’t long before my little guy was trying… Continue reading Mitchell is 13

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A Dozen Photos for a Dozen Years

It seems like yesterday I was holding my beautiful baby boy  for the first time. He was stout – weighing over eight pounds despite being three weeks early!  At age eleven, random strangers assumed he was a teenager. Today, he is twelve! He is now as tall as I am and weighs as much. He… Continue reading A Dozen Photos for a Dozen Years

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Mitchell’s Spring Recital

Last Sunday evening was Mitchell’s spring recital at Cameron University, a four-year university in our town. He is enjoying taking lessons at the Academy of Music where they have many students taking lessons in piano, voice, trumpet, clarinet, flute, oboe and guitar. The recital lasted two hours and included forty-seven different songs! Mitch didn’t play… Continue reading Mitchell’s Spring Recital

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The Boys’ New Bunk Bed

The boys were so excited to hear that we were finally going shopping for a bunk bed earlier this week. They have been waiting a long time. We went to every furniture store in our town, but were unimpressed with the prices and the low quality. Terry said, “I can build them a bunk bed.… Continue reading The Boys’ New Bunk Bed

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Mitchell’s Recital

Mitchell had his first recital in Oklahoma last night! Lauren has taken a break from lessons, and sadly, she was still too sick to even get to be at his recital. I am thankful I could record it, not only for myself and our family far away, but for Lauren.  The video below is missing… Continue reading Mitchell’s Recital

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More of Mitchell’s Science

I apologize for sharing so many of these redundant science experiment posts. My blog’s first purpose is to keep in touch with friends and family far away, so I try to share news from our lives. I realize the average person probably thinks that it’s just…well, boring. Pretty soon I will be caught up, and… Continue reading More of Mitchell’s Science

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The {Edible} Periodic Table

Mitchell is using Chemistry and Physics from the Young Explorer series by Apologia. We didn’t get started till the end of September, because the book wasn’t released until then. Therefore, we aren’t as far along with it as the other kids are with their sciences. He is enjoying the experiments very much, but the book… Continue reading The {Edible} Periodic Table