This page is for our loved ones far away, and any true friends who care about the silly little things my kids do on a given day. This is a place for the links to the Youtube videos I post, but then can’t find later! 🙂

My first Youtube Channel

Mitchell’s Recital, Ensemble 1

Mitchell’s Recital, Ensemble 2

Mitchell’s Recital: Arabesque and Silent Night (Live)

Mitchell’s Recital: Arabesque (after the show)

Matt Thinks I’m Taking a Picture

Laci Quotes “The Elephant” (First Grade)

Leslie Quotes “Overheard in an Orchard” (Third Grade)

Mitchell Quotes “The Pasture” (Sixth Grade)

Laci Sings “I See the Moon”

Matthew Puts on “Armor” (He says, “Char-Gar-Gothicon, be a monster.” in the middle of this video.)

The Girls tell about their Barbies

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