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Red, White and Blue T-Shirts

We had a very nice fourth of July at home this year. Terry grilled hamburgers and steaks and we enjoyed eating strawberry shortcake. I thought I’d pass along this very popular craft that we did with the kids this year. You have probably seen it around on Pinterest, Instagram or elsewhere on the net –… Continue reading Red, White and Blue T-Shirts

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Snowflake Puzzle Piece Ornaments

Hello friends! Here’s the gift I made this year for our church ladies. Yes! I’m posting it the same year in which I made them! That’s progress, eh? 🙂 This simple little ornament turned out better than I’d hoped, which was a blessing. I’ve come to expect things to go wrong when I try to… Continue reading Snowflake Puzzle Piece Ornaments

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Decorative Magnets

I think I deserve to be placed into the “World’s Worst Blogger” category for what I’m about to admit. Oh well. Here goes: It is December 5, 2012, and I’m just now posting about the gift I gave to our church ladies last Christmas. As in 2011. A year ago. I know. Disgraceful. I decided… Continue reading Decorative Magnets

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Christmas Sock Wreath

I found this idea on Pinterest months ago. It looked easy and cute, the two requirements that any craft must meet before I attempt it. The original post was adorable, but lacked specific instructions, which, if you come here often, you know that “exact” is in my top ten favorite words list. I did a… Continue reading Christmas Sock Wreath

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Thanksgiving Crafts

Our little Leslie is in Kindergarten this year. We have been using Abeka materials for her, and I think her favorite subject is art! I wanted to share some of the art projects she’s gotten to make for Thanksgiving. My little pilgrim girl! 🙂 This hat is from the ABeka art book. Another ABeka project,… Continue reading Thanksgiving Crafts

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An Autumn Decoration

I wanted to share this very cute and easy way to adorn your Thanksgiving table. I have made these for a ladies meeting as well as for our family Thanksgiving celebration. These add a warm, homey touch to your family gathering, but make no mistake, nothing can replace smiling faces of loved ones at the… Continue reading An Autumn Decoration

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Shrinky Dinks Provide Summer Fun!

We were blessed by a visit from a local pastor and his wife this past week. They dropped by to deliver a beautiful afghan that she had made and to see our newest addition. 🙂 They were so kind to think of our other four children as well! They gave us a gift bag full… Continue reading Shrinky Dinks Provide Summer Fun!

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Making Christmas Merry!

Here is a rundown of the events and activities of our family during the last week. Man, has it been busy! Oh, and this post is lovingly dedicated to Pamela~ ;o) Merry Christmas from the Basham Family!! Below are the photos of our December ladies fellowship. We met at the Highlander Buffet restaurant here in… Continue reading Making Christmas Merry!