A Tip for Teaching Abeka Phonics

In this short video, I am passing along a tip that has helped me teach my children to read using the Abeka phonics program. It was too complicated to share in writing, so I decided to make a video of it. {Please ignore the hick accent, if possible.} If you cannot access the video below, please click HERE to view it on Youtube.

Another tip (that doesn’t require a video to explain) is for the short “a” sound. For this one, mime the action of taking a bite of an apple as you say the sound for the first few times. You can do this any time the sound is hard to hear for them.

Happy homeschooling!


Are You Ready for the JW’s?

Please forgive me for the following, rather hick video. I thought making a video would be easier and quicker than writing, so I am trying it.  I hope this information helps. Thanks for reading…I mean watching!



Here’s the lecture by Dr. James White, which is a great starting point for understanding the JW cult:

Click HERE for a link to it on Youtube.

Click HERE for the 20 Questions that I mentioned in my video.

Click HERE to write me and say I’m not a hick.

Just kidding.

Have a great day!


The Parents’ Job

Yesterday, I was sitting at the desk in our school room, when I saw two Mockingbirds fluttering up and down rapidly outside the window. I didn’t pay much attention at first, because we see Mockingbirds all the time here. We even saw some babies that had taken the first steps out of the nest! But, when they wouldn’t stop fluttering, I got up to take a look. That’s when I saw it – the BIG, black snake! The Mommy and Daddy birds were trying to move the snake away from their precious nest and sweet baby birds. They did this by holding their wings out (which would be rather intimidating to something on the ground) and pecking at it. I watched the snake slither away from our house (eek! Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Mockingbird!), and out to the road. I called my husband, who was working at the church, to see if he wanted to have a look. He did! I was able to get a short video of the “dance” that Momma Mockingbird (or maybe this is the dad?) was doing to protect her (his?) family.

Watching these birds instinctively protect their family reminded me that, as a Mother, that is also my job. The Mockingbirds saw the snake, and ridding their “home” of it became the top priority. They didn’t wait around. When the devil wants a foot in my door, I don’t want to waste time. I want to get rid of him! Also, the birds worked together – Mom and Dad – to get rid of the enemy. That’s a picture of what my home should be like, also. I must follow my husband as he leads us in the ways of the Lord. When there’s an enemy to protect our children from, I need to help him get rid of it.
The world certainly isn’t getting any better. Parents today have their hands full when it comes to guiding and guarding their children. There are plenty of “snakes” in the world from which we must protect our young ones. With the help of my heavenly Father and the leadership of my husband, the job can be done. It takes work and vigilance, and sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m up to the task. It’s during those times that I have to refuel through Bible reading and prayer.

My husband got a close up of the snake that the Mockingbirds were chasing away.

I don’t want my children to fall prey to the biggest “snake” of all, Satan.

Watching over my “nest”,