Three Years in Oklahoma

It’s been three years since we unloaded our moving truck into a house that I’d only seen in photos on the realtor’s website. Hard to believe that I am beginning my fourth Oklahoma summer. In some ways, it seems like yesterday we began our lives anew here, and in other ways, a lifetime. It really… Continue reading Three Years in Oklahoma

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Maintaining a High View of God at Home

The status on Facebook said something like, “Aced my exam, bills paid, gas in the car, thanks, Big Guy.” I cringe at the words ¬†even now as I see them on the screen. It hurt me to read it all those years ago, and it hurts me still. The girl who wrote it was trying… Continue reading Maintaining a High View of God at Home

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Encouraging Words

I came across this image recently, and it certainly encouraged my heart. I enjoy reading Mr. Pink’s books, but I had never before read this quote. I hope it encourages other moms out there as well.   I pray God will help me to keep a right spirit as I labor in my home today;… Continue reading Encouraging Words

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Vintage Valerie: The Man I Love

In honor of ¬†“Throw Back Thursday”, I’d like to share some photos of the man I love. More specifically, photos of the man I love, doing what he loves – preaching. We are preparing for our Bible conference which begins tomorrow night at 7 PM (if you’re in the area, please come by!), which has… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: The Man I Love

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One Year in Oklahoma

It’s hard to believe that we have been in Oklahoma for one year! I’m finally adjusting to life in the Sooner state. It’s not like I’m the pioneer woman or anything. I live in the city and that’s a good thing! (I wouldn’t know how to grow herbs, ride a horse or cook a tasty… Continue reading One Year in Oklahoma


One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, it was a Sunday. Terry had an appointment in the afternoon. The appointment was with a group of men, a pulpit committee, at a church in Lawton, Oklahoma, and it was all happening over the telephone. One year ago today, after the meeting, he came in with a look that said,… Continue reading One Year Ago Today

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20 Questions to Ask a Jehovah’s Witness

This past Wednesday, my morning was interrupted by a visit from two female representatives of the Jehovah’s Witness group. I was not feeling well and in the middle of school, so the visit was a surprise to say the least. Before I even answered the door, I was scolding myself at how ill prepared I… Continue reading 20 Questions to Ask a Jehovah’s Witness

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My Goodly Heritage

I re-covered a flannel board today that my mother used to teach Sunday school when I was young. Flannel graph pictures have gone the way of the dinosaur, but a few brittle, yellowed envelopes of them can still be found in the attics of former Sunday school teachers and in the bowels of church storage… Continue reading My Goodly Heritage