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New Video: Life of Fred Math

Today, I’m sharing a quick review of Life of Fred Math – Fractions, and Decimals & Percents. If you’re bored or discouraged with your current math program, Life of Fred may be just the change you need. If you find my videos helpful, please consider sharing and subscribing!   Thanks for watching!

homeschooling - math

“Seven Days Are in a Week” (Abeka Song)

In teaching my first grader with the Abeka homeschooling curriculum, we came upon this song in the most recent edition of their arithmetic material. I am not sure if there is a CD with this song available from Abeka, but even if there is, I don’t have it. I do, however, have a fourteen year… Continue reading “Seven Days Are in a Week” (Abeka Song)

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Our Week in Review

I do believe I’m finally finding a rhythm in our school day. And just think! It only took three weeks! The first week I felt nauseated, ate little, had trouble sleeping, and had a horrendous backache. The next week, I had sleeping and eating issues, but no back pain. This week, no back pain, no… Continue reading Our Week in Review

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A Few Math Reviews

I admit it: I hate, no, I despise math! This strong dislike began when I started learning the multiplication facts in third grade. Our Christian school had a skeleton crew, so drilling and practice wasn’t enforced with regularity. I also failed to memorize addition and subtraction facts until I was much older…like, when I started… Continue reading A Few Math Reviews

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Math-U-See is for Everyone!

I just wanted to share a few photos and a little video of my youngest kids enjoying the Math-U-See math manipulatives, aka, blocks! This is our first experience with this curriculum and so far, we give it 2 thumbs up! Even my 7 month old joined in the fun! haha!  Enjoying play time/ learning time. 🙂… Continue reading Math-U-See is for Everyone!