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“Seven Days Are in a Week” (Abeka Song)

In teaching my first grader with the Abeka homeschooling curriculum, we came upon this song in the most recent edition of their arithmetic material. I am not sure if there is a CD with this song available from Abeka, but even if there is, I don’t have it. I do, however, have a fourteen year… Continue reading “Seven Days Are in a Week” (Abeka Song)

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Our Week in Review

I do believe I’m finally finding a rhythm in our school day. And just think! It only took three weeks! The first week I felt nauseated, ate little, had trouble sleeping, and had a horrendous backache. The next week, I had sleeping and eating issues, but no back pain. This week, no back pain, no… Continue reading Our Week in Review

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A Few Math Reviews

I admit it: I hate, no, I despise math! This strong dislike began when I started learning the multiplication facts in third grade. Our Christian school had a skeleton crew, so drilling and practice wasn’t enforced with regularity. I also failed to memorize addition and subtraction facts until I was much older…like, when I started… Continue reading A Few Math Reviews

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Math-U-See is for Everyone!

I just wanted to share a few photos and a little video of my youngest kids enjoying the Math-U-See math manipulatives, aka, blocks! This is our first experience with this curriculum and so far, we give it 2 thumbs up! Even my 7 month old joined in the fun! haha!  Enjoying play time/ learning time. 🙂… Continue reading Math-U-See is for Everyone!