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Laci: Elegant at Eleven

Today is my darling Laci Elizabeth’s 11th birthday. It seems like only yesterday she was two, running around and singing. and talking and getting into things! She is growing into a lovely young lady and I’m so thankful for her spunk, spirit, and personality. Here’s a look back: Open-mouthed and bright-eyed at One! Transcribing at Two! 🙂… Continue reading Laci: Elegant at Eleven

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Ten Years of Love & Laughter

My Laci Elizabeth turns ten years old today! Hard to believe my cuddly, sweet Laci is almost as tall as I, and already in the double digits! Laci has a very loving heart. She is always leaving me love notes in surprising places, like on my pillow or in my Bible. Just a few weeks… Continue reading Ten Years of Love & Laughter

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Laci is Nine

Our sweet Laci Elizabeth is nine years old today! We are so grateful to have her in our lives. Here are a few things we love about Laci! L oyal – She loves her family and defends them. We often have to remind her to remain calm in such situations! I do love the way… Continue reading Laci is Nine

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Laci is Eight

I started blogging in September of 2007. Laci’s first birthday was the first “birthday” blog post I ever wrote. And here I am, writing her eighth. *sigh* She has been a joy to our lives. She has the most expressive face! In fact, her face broadcasts her emotions even more than the normal person. We… Continue reading Laci is Eight

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I Slept Through the Winter Games

I was just outside photographing a few wintry scenes in my yard. We are getting more snow as I type! I love the snow! I grew up in the south where it rarely made an appearance. I suppose you have to have that background to truly appreciate snow – even a dusting! – as much… Continue reading I Slept Through the Winter Games

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Laci Turns Seven

It’s really hard to believe that this girl… …turned seven today! Seems like yesterday that she turned six! I suppose it’s especially poignant because I had just begun blogging when she was born. In fact, here is a picture of her on one of my earliest blog posts, when she turned one! Hard to believe… Continue reading Laci Turns Seven

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Never Give Up on Him

My youngest girl has gotten into the habit of saying “Thank the Lord!” about everything. She is using the phrase sincerely, but I worried that it might become flippant. One night, after she said it, I was about to gently suggest that she use these words carefully. I was going to explain about taking God’s… Continue reading Never Give Up on Him

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Laci Was in the Paper!

Our library has been hosting some very exciting summer reading story hours. The theme is “Dream big: READ!”. This last week, June 19, they had a magician. He was very funny and all five kids enjoyed it.When David Scott, the magician, asked for volunteers, Leslie raised her hand, but when he picked her, she pulled… Continue reading Laci Was in the Paper!