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Ten Years of Love & Laughter

My Laci Elizabeth turns ten years old today! Hard to believe my cuddly, sweet Laci is almost as tall as I, and already in the double digits! Laci has a very loving heart. She is always leaving me love notes in surprising places, like on my pillow or in my Bible. Just a few weeks… Continue reading Ten Years of Love & Laughter

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Laci is Nine

Our sweet Laci Elizabeth is nine years old today! We are so grateful to have her in our lives. Here are a few things we love about Laci! L oyal – She loves her family and defends them. We often have to remind her to remain calm in such situations! I do love the way… Continue reading Laci is Nine

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Laci is Eight

I started blogging in September of 2007. Laci’s first birthday was the first “birthday” blog post I ever wrote. And here I am, writing her eighth. *sigh* She has been a joy to our lives. She has the most expressive face! In fact, her face broadcasts her emotions even more than the normal person. We… Continue reading Laci is Eight

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I Slept Through the Winter Games

I was just outside photographing a few wintry scenes in my yard. We are getting more snow as I type! I love the snow! I grew up in the south where it rarely made an appearance. I suppose you have to have that background to truly appreciate snow – even a dusting! – as much… Continue reading I Slept Through the Winter Games

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Laci Turns Seven

It’s really hard to believe that this girl… …turned seven today! Seems like yesterday that she turned six! I suppose it’s especially poignant because I had just begun blogging when she was born. In fact, here is a picture of her on one of my earliest blog posts, when she turned one! Hard to believe… Continue reading Laci Turns Seven