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A Rotten, Very Bad, Horribly Terrific Day

Monday: The most-hated day of the week. Most Mondays go okay for me. Of all the days of the week, I prepare the most meticulously for Monday. I suppose I do it because it seems to set the tone for the rest of the work-week. I lay out clothes, set my alarm thirty minutes earlier,… Continue reading A Rotten, Very Bad, Horribly Terrific Day

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Don’t Get Panicky, Ethel

“Now, don’t get panicky, Ethel!” exclaimed a very panicky Lucy Ricardo to a calm, composed Ethel when she comes into Lucy’s cluttered apartment in a classic episode of I Love Lucy. In “Off to Florida”, Lucy and Ethel are supposed to join Ricky and Fred in the sunshine state, but Lucy loses the train tickets the… Continue reading Don’t Get Panicky, Ethel

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One of Those Days

Wow, I thought today would never end! And I really hate feeling that way! I’m one of those people who wakes each morning planning to savor every moment. I begin each day with my quiet time – Bible, notebook, and journal. Then breakfast and then school. School is non-stop fun…most days. Today, school was just… Continue reading One of Those Days

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Reflections from 38,000 Feet

On my way home from Chicago, I had a three hour flight to Houston before hopping a plane to Little Rock. I jotted down some thoughts on the ladies conference to pass the time, while it was all fresh. Here are my thoughts, a bit edited for clarity. 🙂 It’s hard to believe that it’s… Continue reading Reflections from 38,000 Feet

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I Blew It

Prov. 30:32 If thou hast done foolishly in lifting up thyself, or if thou hast thought evil, lay thine hand upon thy mouth. In obedience to scripture, I need you to do something for me. Picture my face (feel free to look to your left at the top of the page, my picture is there… Continue reading I Blew It

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Just Call Me "Lucy"

I have great intentions. I make wonderful plans and have grand ideas. Yet, somehow, when it comes to executing those plans and making those ideas a reality, things just…fall apart. We just finished up a revival with Bro. Tim Green this past week. Bro. Green has been to our church three times. We consider him… Continue reading Just Call Me "Lucy"

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Adaptability = Flexibility

I am amazed at how the Lord uses each and every thing in my life – whether great or small – to mold and shape me. I am usually looking for Him in the “great” things of life. I look for Him during the loss of a loved one or during financial reversal. I beg… Continue reading Adaptability = Flexibility