Thank God for Memories

This morning I read some very good Bible verses that encouraged me so much. I began to write about them, because sharing God’s Word is always a good idea. But things happened. A good friend of our family went to Heaven last Sunday morning. Of course, my heart broke upon hearing the news, but I… Continue reading Thank God for Memories

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Uncovering a Memory

If you read my blog, you know I love to read. It’s probably my favorite hobby. Sometimes, though, I can’t read because I know as soon as I sit down, I’ll doze off. (I hate that!) Yesterday, after church, I knew I’d better keep moving or I’d fall asleep. I’ve been meaning to organize my… Continue reading Uncovering a Memory

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Thanks for the Memories

We finally endured something that we’ve been dreading for about a year now. A good family in our church, with five children, moved to Oklahoma this last weekend. It’s been particularly hard on my son. He has so enjoyed having three boys to play with! Lauren is taking it hard, but not as hard as… Continue reading Thanks for the Memories

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Hello, Memory Lane

My little boy is at the getting-into-anything-that’s-not-nailed-down stage. He recently pulled out an old photo album from the cabinet where I keep them. Someone (one of the other children?) put it on the kitchen table, opened. I couldn’t resist taking a walk down memory lane. Wanna join me? I took photos of some of the… Continue reading Hello, Memory Lane

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Funny Photos, Special Memories

I’m a bit behind on posting photos of my family. Rather than write seven different blog posts to catch up, I thought I’d just combine them all into one. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for indulging me as I share about my favorite people!  Matthew enjoyed “typing” when the little girls set him at… Continue reading Funny Photos, Special Memories

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Breakfast Table Moments

I’ll never forget the peaceful mornings I spent at home as a child. I remember my Dad coming in to wake me up for school, leaning down in my face to say in a whisper, “Wake up, sleepy head! It’s time to get up.” I could smell the coffee on his breath and was a… Continue reading Breakfast Table Moments