Fall Fun

We have had a busy autumn. I just wanted to drop by and share a few photos of what we’ve been up to:


We had the chance to meet the cow at Chick-Fil-A! We enjoyed eating supper there as a family for a fundraiser for our homeschool group. I love the kids’ faces in this photo. 🙂

a00e5dac-e4dc-485e-bad9-7fc182e887c2Leslie made a pumpkin “snowman”, which I thought was so cute and creative.

e02e28ae-9a59-4531-9e40-0a432dff6094She used a marker to decorate it and two brass fasteners for the eyes.


Matthew made some cute Thanksgiving art projects. Here he is in the Indian headband.


The Indian yell.


He made the Mayflower, a Pilgrim, and Indian, and a teepee.


He also got to make a Pilgrim boy hat, which wasn’t his favorite, but he let me take a photo for my memory book…I mean, blog. 🙂


It turns out that art projects make great toys. Buzz Lightyear came to visit the Mayflower! Who knew?!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With love,


Glorious Sunrise

I get up early everyday, not because my life is that demanding, but because I relish these quiet moments in the morning alone. I love the stillness of the house while I read m Bible and talk to my Savior. I like planning my day in peace and getting in a workout before the rest of the world comes calling. As I was getting some water yesterday morning {November 14}, I glanced out of my kitchen window and saw a band of orange, pink and purple shining on my neighbor’s window. I was startled at first, wondering what light was on in their house? Then I realized that it was the sunrise! I knew it was beautiful for it to catch my eye in just a reflection on glass! I ran for my phone and stumbled out our back door in my sock feet. One photo told me that it wasn’t going to be clear enough, so I ran back inside and grabbed my Nikon and started snapping the light show that God had placed outside my windows. The 26 degree temperature didn’t faze me; all I could do was gawk at the sky!

Even these photos cannot really do it justice. God’s creation is so amazing! I stand in awe at how the world spins on its axis, the laws of physics which He created and the life He has made. Words cannot adequately describe how lovely, how wonderful, how stunning it all is!

And even more thrilling than watching a glorious sunrise on this Earth, is the thought that I shall one day behold this Creator face to face!

Autumn in Oklahoma

I love photographing autumn! This is my first fall season to spend in Oklahoma, and so far, I’m enjoying it! We have nice crisp days, plenty of wind and some pretty colors to enjoy. We don’t have as many trees here as we did in Arkansas, but then again, in Arkansas, we had few deciduous tress. Pine trees don’t change color, so I suppose the colors are close to the same here. I wanted to share a picture or two of the view from my window.

 These leaves caught my eye one morning, against the gray sky. 
 My pumpkin. 🙂
As I was heading inside, I spotted these flowers in the flower bed around my house, next to our sprinkler.
I’m not sure what they are, but they really brightened this cloudy day! Autumn colors are one of God’s many blessings. 


Welcome, Autumn!

I would probably usually say, “Happy fall, y’all!” But, I’m trying to add a little elegance to the blog. 😉 I’m excited about experiencing the four seasons in Oklahoma. I’m thinking they won’t be much different from where I grew up, but we’ll see! That’s the exciting part of living in a new place, even the changing of the seasons is all brand new. I’m almost completely recovered from my excursion last weekend. I missed two nights of sleep, so I’ve been trying to catch up all week long. I’ve also found myself behind on my normal chores, but I caught up on those today. It’s comforting to feel the sides of my rut forming around me; that blessed routine of life!

Here are a few photos of our autumn decorations I got out this week:

I got this basket at a thrift store for $2. The pine cones and gourds were in a bag at Hobby Lobby for $3.

I bought the leaves at Hobby Lobby on sale, as well as my little scarecrow. I already had the other decorations in storage. 

Here’s the piano, with my little basket. I set out some of the pine cones and leaves at random. As you can see, I’m not a good decorator; I just do what I like.

We welcome our friends, anytime! 

Okay, so I just have to say it…

Happy fall, y’all!



October’s Party 
by George Cooper

October gave a party;

The leaves by hundreds came-

The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,

And leaves of every name.

The Sunshine spread a carpet,

And everything was grand,

Miss Weather led the dancing,

Professor Wind the band.

The Chestnuts came in yellow,

The Oaks in crimson dressed;

The lovely Misses Maple

In scarlet looked their best;

All balanced to their partners,

And gaily fluttered by;

The sight was like a rainbow

New fallen from the sky.

Then, in the rustic hollow,

At hide-and-seek they played,

The party closed at sundown,

And everybody stayed.

Professor Wind played louder;

They flew along the ground;

And then the party ended

In jolly “hands around.”

We are finally getting a taste of autumn in my neck of the woods! The weatherman predicts we will get some cool air today – our coolest since April! It’s been a long summer, folks, and I welcome the variety of a new season. September was a busy and exciting month for our family. One exciting September event was my fifth blogging anniversary! I hope to post more about that soon, as well as share some photos. Speaking of photos, I want to thank our friend, Bro. Stephen Collins, for the allowing me to use this lovely photo for my blog. It was taken in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee – oh how lovely God’s creation is!

Happy fall! 🙂


Thankful for the Cemetery

Holidays will never be the same. You might not think that one person’s absence can make life look so completely different, but it can. It has for me, anyway. Nothing is the same. My most precious treasures now are my memories. Sometimes, I fear that if I live to be 80, I’ll have lost that wonderful blessing of “remembering.”

Today, my wonderful Uncle Gary and Aunt Linda are having all of us come to their home for the big meal. Before we go by, we’ll be stopping by the cemetery. Not exactly my favorite time. I get a lump in my throat as I approach the place where my dad is buried. Grief revisits me. The memories pass through my mind like a movie on fast-forward. The realization that those times are over, forever, is hard to take. I wish I could make new memories with Dad. I wish I could see him again, now.

As I near the ground where he is laid to rest, and reach the gravestone, I’m reminded of that scorching hot day we all gathered to inter him there. Our tears watered the several tissues. That ground supported the bodies of four people who could hardly stand. The ground was hallowed by our grief, by our memorial to Dad.

As I think of going to the grave today, I get a lump in my throat and that feeling of dread. I might start crying. But I’m deciding to do something different this Thanksgiving Day. I’m thanking the Lord for that hallowed ground.

I’m thankful that I have memories that flash across my mind like a movie – I could have had to bury my dad when I was much younger – before memories could even be made! Many people come from divorced homes, and only get weekends with the other parent. I had mine all the time.

I’m thankful for what that memorial in the graveyard represents – the resurrection! My dad was born again, he was saved, I will see him again! There is absolutely no doubt about it.

I’m thankful for the place where is laid to rest. He is buried with my Mom’s family, my grandparents, my uncles. He is buried near the farm where my Mom grew up, where I visited often as a child and made so many wonderful memories. I have the world’s best aunts and uncles who love me more than I deserve. If I had lost my parents when I was young, they would have taken me in and loved me like their own. They are wonderful people. It’s a blessing that, when I’m overwhelmed with grief, I am also overwhelmed by their love.

I’m thankful for my mother who will stand next to me on that hallowed ground. I’m thankful she is still with me, to talk to me, pray for me, encourage me, and love me. I know there are times that she’s missed Dad so much that she’s wanted to go on to Heaven, too. But I am so glad that she is still here. I need her! I need her love, her wisdom, her prayers.

I’m not going to dread facing the loss of my Dad today. Instead, I’m going to be thankful for everything, including a trip to the cemetery.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day ~


Harbingers of Autumn

After a long, grueling summer, I am eagerly watching for the first signs of autumn. Technically, it’s still summer. And the while the weather is much milder, we are still seeing highs in the 90s. As I pulled into my driveway from buying groceries a few days ago, I couldn’t help but admire the fall foliage in our yard. Some of it is still on the trees but each day the bed of fallen leaves and pine needles gets thicker. Nature has been changing color for some time now, but sadly, most has been due to lack of rainfall. I am very grateful for the change in season! I always say that just as I get tired of one season, it’s time for a new one! Isn’t the Creator wonderful, to give us so much variety?

Here are some photos of the Lord’s autumn decorations:

 A tree in our side yard. 
 I loved how the leaves were scattered about perfectly in our yard. It looked just right to me. 🙂
A closer look. It’s too bad our poor grass withered away a long time ago.

Has autumn appeared where you are? I’m excited that she’s well on her way, here! 🙂