How to Make Wampum Out of Styrofoam™

  Wampum is short for wampumpeag, which is an Algonquian word meaning “string of white shell beads”. The Native Americans made wampum by boring a hole into shells and then strung on hemp or other plant fibers. They wore it as jewelry. Because it was valuable, it was often used as a unit of trade.… Continue reading How to Make Wampum Out of Styrofoam™


Review of Notgrass History: America the Beautiful

Notgrass History, in particular the course called America the Beautiful, has been one of my favorite curriculum choices. The two hardback textbooks along with the hardback book of speeches and original documents called We the People, are beautifully done and written in a conversational way. The two review books, timeline book, and map book are… Continue reading Review of Notgrass History: America the Beautiful

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Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum

Over our spring break, we were able to visit the Chilsholm Trail Museum in Duncan, Oklahoma. It was the nicest little museum I’ve been to in a very long time. Maybe ever. It was only about a forty minute drive, reasonably priced and very entertaining. My favorite part was the film presentation. Most museums have… Continue reading Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum

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The Laura Ingalls Wilder Home

I mentioned in my last post that we would be traveling. We got home last Tuesday from our journey. I just want to praise the Lord for His protection during our trip. We went from Lawton, Oklahoma,  to Mansfield, Missouri, on Thursday, May 16, to meet my friend, Ava, and her family for a tour… Continue reading The Laura Ingalls Wilder Home

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Modern Ancient Writing

We’ve been working our way through world history using The Story of the World. It’s new to me to use a book that didn’t come with scripted lesson plans. In fact, recently, it’s been a source of much anxiety and hyperventilating. Yes, ladies and….ladies, I am very much of a text book kind of homeschooling… Continue reading Modern Ancient Writing

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A Capitol Idea!

On Monday, August 31, our family had a unique opportunity to visit the office of Mark Pryor, one of our United States Senators,to discuss the possibility of his co-sponsoring the Parental Rights Amendment. (My younger kiddos stayed with my Mom for the morning while Terry, I and Lauren made the trip on to Little Rock.) We… Continue reading A Capitol Idea!