Autumn Soccer {2016}

Here I am at the end of the year, busily trying to catch up on my blog writing. I am finally sharing a few photos of the kids’ fall soccer season for our friends and family far away. (Yes, they finished the season in November…so I’m only a month behind. haha!) This year, the kids got to play a scrimmage game almost every week, so they all had a good chance to win some games. In seasons past, they would play one big tournament game at the end of the season. I haven’t heard  from our homeschool group if there will be a spring soccer season (it might be basketball in the spring). So, this may have been Lauren’s last soccer season since she graduates in May. They all had a great time getting exercise and, of course, seeing their friends.











I tried to capture a few of their finest moments on the field. It’s a joy for me to get to watch them learn new skills, practice teamwork, and have fun. Once again, I am grateful to the Lord for the many opportunities He has given us in the great state of Oklahoma.


A Short Soccer Season {Spring 2015}

Soccer is already over for our family. It was a short season because the games were cancelled twice for rain. Lauren and Mitchell will both have to miss their final games because we’ll be out of town that day. It’s been a bummer. Terry’s had a blast coaching the u15 kids. He and Mitchell even went over to the field yesterday and mowed it in preparation for the big game. (Our city has failed to mow the field the entire six weeks of our season!) It was a huge disappointment to have to cancel, but we are thankful for the rain and the cooler temperatures that come with the rain.

I usually snap photos of each child while they are playing their “tournament” game. I wish now that I’d taken some during their regular practices. I was only able to get photos of the U10 game. I pulled out my zoom lens and took a few photos for our family. To all of you non-relatives: thanks for indulging me. 🙂


Here’s a group shot of my soccer players! Leslie didn’t get her jersey until later in the day.

Leslie was on the blue team, Laci was on the red team. I knew I’d have one sad player and one happy one at the end of the day. It would be  a good time to teach good sportsmanship and thoughtfulness, which is more important than winning or being a great athlete.

Leslie Laci3 les-throw-in laci4

The extremely tall grass, which had gone to seed, made the game quite frustrating. Sometimes it was more like “hide and seek for the ball” than “soccer”. Both teams worked hard and did their best despite this difficulty.


Sister against sister. . . but still friends.

sisters number3


les les-kick laci



Laci’s team won, but I never heard her brag; Leslie never once pouted or whined about losing. I am thankful that there was no drama for this Mama.

Maybe the weather will be better for the fall season?

Well, we can hope!


Soccer {Autumn 2014}

We just completed our third season of soccer with our homeschool group. It was a great year. Each of the kids enjoyed practicing and seeing friends. Terry got to coach the U10 group this season, and he absolutely loved it!

I loved getting to watch and cheer.

And take pictures.


This year, our homeschool group was able to get jerseys for soccer! Matt’s age group is still too small for jerseys, but he’ll be there soon enough. We had more blue than red in our family this year.


On the day of Matt’s game, he wasn’t feeling well. I think it bothered him that I was there to watch him play and take photos. Anyway, for whatever reason, he didn’t want to play, so this is the only photo I got of him that day.


Laci and Leslie were against each other for their big game. It was the same day as Matthew’s game, so he came over and cheered for them. Laci enjoyed being the goalie for part of the game.



Leslie (in the white headband) is running with determination.


Laci is no slouch on the soccer team, either. She’s wearing an Army USO bandanna for a headband. I love her style.


As the “unofficial” U10 photographer, I got to take photos of the whole group. They are sweet kiddos.


The red team won!


The blue team was defeated by only one point, and that point was scored in the final seconds of the game! Both teams played very well.


Thank you to our coaches and players for a great fall season of U10 soccer!


I wasn’t able to be at Mitchell’s big game, but Terry took photos for me and I was there in spirit. Unfortunately, Terry isn’t as “shutter happy” as I am, so there weren’t many photos of his game. From the few photos I have, it looks like he played his heart out.

Mitch-kick mitch-blue



Lauren loves soccer. She is a great goalie. She was ready for the ball in this photo, but she *just* missed it. It was a big disappointment.


She takes the game very seriously. Here she is despairing over the point the blue team scored. I assured her it’s a team sport; that the ball got past at least two defenders before it got to her. But she’s a perfectionist, which means that she’s hard on herself.

LK-Run Lk-kick2 Lk-kick feet-LK goalie-LK LK-work

She took several falls like this on game day, but she did’t get hurt. I wasn’t even worried because I know how tough she is. Tough physically, and strong emotionally. She must get those qualities from her dad, because I’m kind of a weakling. She definitely gave the red team all that she had.


Laci encouraging Lauren at half-time.

This last photo sums up what I think a family is, or should be. Your family should be there to pick you up when you’re down and cheer for you when you’re up. I hope that’s what our family will always be.

Thanks for reading.


Spring Soccer {2014}

Our homeschool group offered spring soccer for eight weeks, beginning the first week of April. Yes, I’m just now, nine weeks later, sharing photos. Why? Because I snapped over 300 photos and for some reason, the folks around here want clean clothes and food, so I put off editing photos. Even today, I found myself knowing that I needed to tackle this job, but still put it off. I sure hope someone out there is seeing these. Don’t tell me if you’re not there. I don’t want to know. Let me keep pretending this blog is read by thousands. Thank you.

Soccer gave me the perfect opportunity to use my Nikon zoom lens, which Terry bought me for Christmas. I was very pleased with it. In fact, I got some photos that I couldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Terry coached the U4 soccer, which was ages 2-5 (roughly). It was…an adventure! I don’t think we taught them much soccer, but they got some exercise and ate Goldfish crackers. Lots of Goldfish crackers. They sure are adorable little kiddos.


The first day.




Terry’s goal for this age was just to teach them not to use their hands. Matt learned to stop the ball with his foot. Once.


We did a lot of stretches with the U4’s .


We twisted.


We touched our toes.


Sometimes, they pulled weeds AND stretched. I love my little multi-taskers!


And they ran around a lot.

mattcloseThey looked mighty adorable running around.

kick2 kick

Sometimes, they kicked the ball, too!


Once in a while, they would get on their game face.


Max liked his coach.


On game day, they all enjoyed the huddle.


At the end of the practice, or maybe even during the practice, they just wanted to take a nap.

And that’s okay. We are very accommodating over in the U4’s.


So, Matt, what did you think of soccer?

Yep. Me, too.

Laci’s game was very exciting. She gives soccer 100% of her energy. Her team won their game, too, so that was really nice.

kick laci feet hit

The ball had just hit her arm in this photo. She took it and went right on.

WAIT…this is Laci we’re talking about. First, she looked at me down the field, her eyes wide as saucers and pointed at the spot where the ball hit her. I told her she was fine and to get out there and PLAY! Okay, not really. I yelled to her, “You’re okay!”

Yes, I’m the compassionate type.


play laci2 win

If only I could Laci to show emotion; to express herself.

Ah, well. Maybe one day.

Leslie did a fine job on her team. She played her heart out and was a good sport when they came away without a victory.

les5 les6 les7 les8

I love this face! Thank you, Nikon zoom!

toss les4 les9

Hot, but happy.

Mitchell and Lauren’s games ended up being played at the same time, in the rain. This meant that I couldn’t get many photos of either of them. I pulled out the camera between showers and snapped as many as I could. Both Mitch and Lauren’s teams lost, but again, they played hard.

ml7 ml6 ml2 ml1 ml3 ml5

This first photo is of Lauren was taken the week before her big game. She had just caught the ball to stop the green team from scoring.


I’m so glad I got the above photo of her when I did, because the next week, being goalie was a bit messier:


She had to stand, and *ahem* dive in a huge mud puddle!


Ummmm…there simply are no words. Okay, yes there’s a word: HELP!


She didn’t mind. (WHAT?)


The mud didn’t bother her, but missing every ball of the game did. But what can a girl do when she is caked in slimy mud and wet with rain? Of all the kids, she gave the most. She willingly dove into the mud and tried to stop the ball.


I liked this photo of Lauren’s friend patting her on the back. Poor Lauren couldn’t get the ball for anything.


Here are the kids on the first day of soccer. It was a wonderful experience and we are so thankful for our homeschool group!

And I’m thankful for you. Your presence has made this terrible crick in my neck worth it.


Soccer {Autumn 2013}

This is our family’s first experience with soccer. All five kids are involved, even our three year old! Matthew hasn’t been doing too much with it. He’s shy and younger than the other kids on his team, who are a whopping four years of age. 😉 Here are some photos of our soccer players.

All ready to go on the first day!
Matt with his own little soccer ball. He was nervous.
He finally – when it was almost over – tried to kick the ball a bit.
Laci had her first “real” game, against other kids on her team, last Thursday. They scrimmage every week, but this game had a ref and an audience. 🙂 I enjoyed snapping some photos of her playing. She gave it her all and did her best. She is prone to be bossy, so this team effort is helping her learn to listen better and work with others. I was proud of how hard she played. 
She started out as defender. 

She stopped the gray team from scoring!! 

She’s on the far left, running. And, I think she should have gotten a foul! lol!

Some footwork as she goes for a goal. She almost scored!

Running hard!

 She also played as goalie, midfielder, and forward. 
I don’t know if I got photos of each position. When she was goalie, she basically just stood there. lol
 I love this one! 🙂 

Can you tell they won? 🙂 You would think it was the World Cup by this expression! 
Leslie and Mitchell have a game next week, so I will have more photos then. Matthew also had a game the day Laci did, but he was too tired to play. Our practices are during his normal nap time.
Thanks for reading!