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Merry Christmas {2016}

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Christmas again! It’s been a very busy and exciting year. The Lord has brought us through some trials and granted us a multitude of blessings, many of which I have written about here. Thank you for sharing them with me, for reading and for commenting. Merry Christmas from… Continue reading Merry Christmas {2016}


Merry Christmas!

I hope you and your family are enjoying this festive season. Here’s a Christmas treat for our friends and family far away. In case you couldn’t understand him very well, he was quoting a poem for Christmas called “What Can I Give Him?” by Christina Rossetti. Here are the words: What can I give Him,… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Break Has Begun

Wow. What a week! We began last Monday with a funeral of a dear lady in our church. God gave her 97 years to live and love and serve. My husband preached a wonderful Gospel message. On Tuesday, I began feeling ill. I soon realized I needed to see a doctor. We had planned to… Continue reading Christmas Break Has Begun


Three Little Things

In an effort to write more in 2015, I’m starting a theme (meme?) called “Three Little Things”. I figure that even I can squeeze three tiny, minuscule thoughts out of my addled brain each day. Not that they will be worth reading, but hey, maybe I’ll accidentally strike gold? They might be three blessings, three… Continue reading Three Little Things


Merry Christmas!

Life has been so busy around this time of year, as I know you all can relate. I’m slow, but I’m finally sharing the videos of the kids’ Christmas recital pieces. They played at the local Mall on December 14. It was Lauren’s trumpet debut and Leslie’s piano debut. They both have been playing for… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

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Let’s See…Where Was I?

I feel like I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my life with you and somehow got stopped mid-story. Where was I in all of my catching-up? I *think* I was about to share a few photos of my mom’s visit with us at…ahem…Christmas. Yes, (gulp) I know I’m behind. In my defense, life has… Continue reading Let’s See…Where Was I?

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Christmas Snapshots

I’m *finally* getting up a few photos of our first Christmas in Oklahoma. It was a bit of an adjustment this year, trying to figure out where to put the tree and decorations and how to arrange things so our family from afar could be comfortable. I think everything came together just fine. It was… Continue reading Christmas Snapshots

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Christmas Photography

We were blessed with a wonderful Christmas holiday. We got to see Terry’s mom, dad and grandmother, as well as my mom. We enjoyed a lot of good food, too! I hope to share some photos of all of that soon. Before we took the tree down, I wanted to try to capture some photos… Continue reading Christmas Photography