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Summer’s End

Besides being Mitchell’s birthday on August 8, it was also the last day of the library’s summer reading program! The older ones loved volunteering and the little ones had a great summer of reading. The theme was “Fizz, Boom, Read!”  so science was the focus of the activities. The kids each got an animal shape… Continue reading Summer’s End

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Summer Plans

Summer is upon us! We have been busy closing on our home, unpacking and organizing. The kids are involved in our library’s summer reading program and Lauren is a teen volunteer there. She is loving it! I’m trying to get adjusted to our new town. So far, I’ve gotten lost twice. I’ve learned that even… Continue reading Summer Plans

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Park Day

Last Saturday, June 8, our family got crazy – we went on a spontaneous picnic! The weather here was gorgeous – low 80’s, clear skies, low humidity and a slight breeze. When we moved from Hope, my Aunt Kathleen gave us two picnic baskets. I saw the lovely day and then thought of the picnic… Continue reading Park Day

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Sun, Smiles and Sprinkler!

One feature of our home that our kids love, is our built-in sprinkler system. This was not something we particularly wanted, but it’s a blessing. Apparently, rain isn’t too predictable around here, so these may come in handy later. Believe it or not, on May 31, the day of the last horrible OKC tornado, our… Continue reading Sun, Smiles and Sprinkler!

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Summer Memories

Phew…I’m still working on catching up here at the blog. I thought I’d share a few miscellaneous photos from the summer. Thanks so much for indulging me, friends! 🙂 Leslie lost her two front teeth in May!  They built this block tower using every block we had! 🙂 Sibling love: Leslie and Matt coloring together. … Continue reading Summer Memories

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Laci Was in the Paper!

Our library has been hosting some very exciting summer reading story hours. The theme is “Dream big: READ!”. This last week, June 19, they had a magician. He was very funny and all five kids enjoyed it.When David Scott, the magician, asked for volunteers, Leslie raised her hand, but when he picked her, she pulled… Continue reading Laci Was in the Paper!

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It’s That Time Already?

A couple of men in the church came by to “sweep” our church yard. They were able to use an attachment on the back of the lawn mower that swept up fallen leaves and pine needles and left them for the city to come bye and vacuum up. Yes, our city has a big vacuum… Continue reading It’s That Time Already?

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Shrinky Dinks Provide Summer Fun!

We were blessed by a visit from a local pastor and his wife this past week. They dropped by to deliver a beautiful afghan that she had made and to see our newest addition. 🙂 They were so kind to think of our other four children as well! They gave us a gift bag full… Continue reading Shrinky Dinks Provide Summer Fun!


Summer Fun!

The kids are enjoying the warmer, yes, even hotter, temps that we’ve had. We had a pretty cold and wet winter (for us), so being able to be outside without a coat, even if you’re dripping with sweat, has been a nice change. Lauren has enjoyed making chalk drawings outside.  A frog. 🙂 A house,… Continue reading Summer Fun!