Living With Grief

My mother once said that her parents raised two families of three children each, because there was a gap between children numbers 3 and 4. If that’s true, then my parents raised three families of one child each. There is a considerable gap between each of us. We each share similar, yet separate memories of… Continue reading Living With Grief

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Events Surrounding My Father’s Death

It was a hot July day in Kansas, a hotter one in Arkansas. My dad had been working on a doghouse for our dog, Libby. This would be his last act on Earth. You see, my parents were taking care of Libby for us since we had just moved from a three bedroom, single bathroom… Continue reading Events Surrounding My Father’s Death


The Indomitable Miss Heather

On April 17, I was surprised to receive a phone call from one of our librarians. Miss Beth, as we call her, has been the assistant to our head children’s librarian, Heather Everett, since we moved here two years ago. She called to say that Miss Heather had resigned because her cancer had returned. She… Continue reading The Indomitable Miss Heather

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It seems like only yesterday that I sat on my dad’s lap on our patio. The sun eased itself ¬†below the horizon in the west and cicadas and tree frogs were timidly beginning their evening serenade. The warm summer breeze gently shook the pines overhead. Something triggered a memory for my dad, I can’t recall… Continue reading Remembering

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Just Like My Dad

Seven years ago today, my Dad went home. Not back to Illinois where he was born, or to Conway, Arkansas, where he grew up, but to Heaven, his true home. Recently, while talking to my husband about Dad, I said, “You know, I know someone who has actually seen Jesus’ face!” We both pondered that… Continue reading Just Like My Dad