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Exercise for Life

One habit I’ve tried to maintain since my school years is physical activity. To be clear, I am not a health nut. I eat too much chocolate and desserts. I used to be addicted to soda. I love juicy hamburgers. My Wii Fit character is, ahem, chubby. But, I do exercise and have regularly done… Continue reading Exercise for Life


The Challenge

I have really been enjoying perusing Pinterest. It’s opened up new worlds for many of my crafty friends. (I mean that in the nicest form of the word, by the way.) I am currently working on a project – my first – that I found on Pinterest. Homeschooling, home-keeping, child training, and church work keep… Continue reading The Challenge


Taking It Easy

Do you ever stress out about details? My husband and I are quite opposite on this one, which is certainly a blessing! I am very detailed, he is very relaxed. Together, we strike a good balance. I am ┬ávery talkative and expressive, he is very quiet and composed. Again, it’s a nice balance…most of the… Continue reading Taking It Easy


Fitness Fridays: I Gotta Be Real

If you have read any of my Fitness Friday posts, then you know I try to be fun loving and lighthearted. I guess that’s who I am most of the time. I have lots of “down” days, but I really try to hide those times. Whenever I have let that “down” side show, I’ve had… Continue reading Fitness Fridays: I Gotta Be Real


Fitness Friday (or Slim Down Saturday): Feet, Our Foundation

Those of you who are faithfully checking in on me know that this post wasn’t published on Friday. It’s really Saturday. I cannot post a “Fitness Friday” when in reality it is Saturday. Therefore, I have sub-titled this post “Slim Down Saturday” in order to keep things honest and real.We are busily preparing for our… Continue reading Fitness Friday (or Slim Down Saturday): Feet, Our Foundation


Fitness Fridays: Your Help is Needed

Yay! We made it to another Friday! Congratulations everyone! This week, I really need some help. I get in a rut eating the same snacks, and sometimes, a healthy snack is nowhere around, so I’ve either been hungry and miserable, or I indulge in the “not so healthy” choice.So, how ’bout it? Do you all… Continue reading Fitness Fridays: Your Help is Needed

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Fitness Fridays: Denise Wants to Kill Me

Okay, maybe she doesn’t really have it in for me, but it sure does feel like it! I’ve been having a lot of sinus trouble lately, and since I don’t have a doctor here in blessed Hope, I am trying the “housewife, heal thyself” remedy. Basically, it’s prayer,vitamins, prayer, water, rest, some exercise, and more… Continue reading Fitness Fridays: Denise Wants to Kill Me


Fitness Fridays: Balance Is the Key

Last week I jokingly touched on moderation in my Fitness Friday post. All joking aside, I do believe in moderation. I like being real. And I can be real about me. I am not going to be able to never eat a brownie again. I will eat tiramisu at Olive Garden again someday…I hope. I… Continue reading Fitness Fridays: Balance Is the Key


Fitness Fridays: Eat Less, Sweat More

The formula for weight loss isn’t in the latest diet fads. It isn’t in a pill, or drink. It isn’t doing the “crash” diet thing, where you eat cabbage soup and water for “x” number of days. You can lose weight that way, sure. But as soon as you go back to normal eating, you… Continue reading Fitness Fridays: Eat Less, Sweat More