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Exercise for Life

One habit I’ve tried to maintain since my school years is physical activity. To be clear, I am not a health nut. I eat too much chocolate and desserts. I used to be addicted to soda. I love juicy hamburgers. My Wii Fit character is, ahem, chubby. But, I do exercise and have regularly done… Continue reading Exercise for Life


The Challenge

I have really been enjoying perusing Pinterest. It’s opened up new worlds for many of my crafty friends. (I mean that in the nicest form of the word, by the way.) I am currently working on a project – my first – that I found on Pinterest. Homeschooling, home-keeping, child training, and church work keep… Continue reading The Challenge


Taking It Easy

Do you ever stress out about details? My husband and I are quite opposite on this one, which is certainly a blessing! I am very detailed, he is very relaxed. Together, we strike a good balance. I am ┬ávery talkative and expressive, he is very quiet and composed. Again, it’s a nice balance…most of the… Continue reading Taking It Easy


Fitness Fridays: I Gotta Be Real

If you have read any of my Fitness Friday posts, then you know I try to be fun loving and lighthearted. I guess that’s who I am most of the time. I have lots of “down” days, but I really try to hide those times. Whenever I have let that “down” side show, I’ve had… Continue reading Fitness Fridays: I Gotta Be Real


Fitness Friday (or Slim Down Saturday): Feet, Our Foundation

Those of you who are faithfully checking in on me know that this post wasn’t published on Friday. It’s really Saturday. I cannot post a “Fitness Friday” when in reality it is Saturday. Therefore, I have sub-titled this post “Slim Down Saturday” in order to keep things honest and real.We are busily preparing for our… Continue reading Fitness Friday (or Slim Down Saturday): Feet, Our Foundation


Fitness Fridays: Your Help is Needed

Yay! We made it to another Friday! Congratulations everyone! This week, I really need some help. I get in a rut eating the same snacks, and sometimes, a healthy snack is nowhere around, so I’ve either been hungry and miserable, or I indulge in the “not so healthy” choice.So, how ’bout it? Do you all… Continue reading Fitness Fridays: Your Help is Needed