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I’m a Chart Person

On Monday, April 4, the kids had to take their annual state-mandated achievement test. The results, whatever they may be, do not affect the parents’ right to homeschool their child in Arkansas. However, it is the law, and I want to teach my children that we are law abiding Americans. The test only takes a… Continue reading I’m a Chart Person

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Milton the Mule

Laci, age four, is not officially part of our little homeschool. However, that doesn’t stop her from learning during school and beyond! She is constantly listening to us and copying the older kids. She also asks lots of questions! She loves to organize and sort things. Here’s how she sorted our alphabet cards today —… Continue reading Milton the Mule

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A.C.E. Content, First Grade

A.C.E. is a great curriculum. I enjoy using it very much, however, the math was not suitable for our family. Because of this, I do not have the content of the math PACEs for first grade. To teach phonics using A.C.E., you need the ABC’s of ACE CD and the flash cards. ACE marks the… Continue reading A.C.E. Content, First Grade

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What I Love about A.C.E.

In the past, I have a had a slight aversion to using the A.C.E. curriculum. I felt that overall, A.C.E. was a weak curriculum. I explain my story and feelings HERE. However, as a homeschooling Mom of five who is now almost in her fourth quarter of using A.C.E. for most subjects, I have found… Continue reading What I Love about A.C.E.

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Salt and Seeds

I have been so pleased with the science experiments that A.C.E. has included in the 3rd and 6th grade science Paces (workbooks). Lauren has done several projects that I have not been able to share here. I was able to purchase some litmus paper for her to test various acids and bases. She has loved… Continue reading Salt and Seeds

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Overcoming Weaknesses in A.C.E.

I attended a Christian school which used A.C.E. for ten years of my education. I home schooled for the last three years using Abeka materials. When I made the transition from A.C.E. to Abeka, I found that I had several gaps in my education. I would like to address these gaps and the ways I’m… Continue reading Overcoming Weaknesses in A.C.E.