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Happy Birthday From The Rebellious One

Those who know me personally know this has been the hardest year of my life. I didn’t think I’d ever write again, especially here, but this is a special occasion, one which prompted me to blow off the dust and cobwebs here and give it a whirl. I’ve never experienced more heartache and loss than… Continue reading Happy Birthday From The Rebellious One


My Mother’s Love

Me and my wonderful Mother in 2009. I first saw him that day we picked him up. On the lapel of his shiny polyester suit he wore a large rhinestone pin that said “JESUS”. His brown hair was slicked back and shiny. The smile on his face added to his overall gleaming appearance. He wreaked… Continue reading My Mother’s Love

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Uncovering a Memory

If you read my blog, you know I love to read. It’s probably my favorite hobby. Sometimes, though, I can’t read because I know as soon as I sit down, I’ll doze off. (I hate that!) Yesterday, after church, I knew I’d better keep moving or I’d fall asleep. I’ve been meaning to organize my… Continue reading Uncovering a Memory

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Let’s See…Where Was I?

I feel like I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my life with you and somehow got stopped mid-story. Where was I in all of my catching-up? I *think* I was about to share a few photos of my mom’s visit with us at…ahem…Christmas. Yes, (gulp) I know I’m behind. In my defense, life has… Continue reading Let’s See…Where Was I?

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Calm Down, It’s Only Temporary

We were all talking rapidly and excitedly as we walked from the airport to the van after picking up Nana (my mom) for her Christmas visit. This was her first time to our new home in Oklahoma, and I don’t think sugar could have pumped our kids up more! The van was rather crowded and… Continue reading Calm Down, It’s Only Temporary

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My Goodly Heritage

I re-covered a flannel board today that my mother used to teach Sunday school when I was young. Flannel graph pictures have gone the way of the dinosaur, but a few brittle, yellowed envelopes of them can still be found in the attics of former Sunday school teachers and in the bowels of church storage… Continue reading My Goodly Heritage


A Visit with Nana

My mother is a very busy lady. She volunteers to clean a portion of the church building. She volunteers to teach Sunday School. As a retired elementary principal and Special Ed. teacher, she volunteers to teach education classes at the Bible college operated out of her church. She also goes soul winning and changes out… Continue reading A Visit with Nana

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I Love This Picture

Not too long ago, my mom shared a few old photos with me. A former teacher at Jessieville Elementary school sent her some extra snapshots of Mom’s going away party when she resigned as principal there. (The theme was “Mayberry”, since Mom is a huge fan of The Andy Griffith Show.) As I flipped through… Continue reading I Love This Picture

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My Parents’ Love

I got my rings repaired last week. My wedding rings had gotten too small – a half size too small – thanks to my last pregnancy. Or maybe it was thanks to fifteen years and five pregnancies? Anyway, it was so exciting to get them repaired! The pink heart ring was given to me by… Continue reading My Parents’ Love

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Look at the White Line

I will never forget the excitement that coursed through my veins as I got behind the wheel of our Tempo that chilly, rainy night. At that time, my mom was the elementary principal at Jessieville Schools. She wore many hats, as most faculty of small school districts do. She was head of the cafeteria and… Continue reading Look at the White Line