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A Tip for Teaching Abeka Phonics

In this short video, I am passing along a tip that has helped me teach my children to read using the Abeka phonics program. It was too complicated to share in writing, so I decided to make a video of it. {Please ignore the hick accent, if possible.} If you cannot access the video below,… Continue reading A Tip for Teaching Abeka Phonics

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How to Compile a Great Children’s Library

I love books and I want my children to love them as much as I do. In order to pass along this zest for reading, I am constantly on the lookout for quality literature. Because books can have a hefty price tag, I like to look for books at Goodwill and other thrift stores. I’ve… Continue reading How to Compile a Great Children’s Library

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My Childhood Friends

I have an older brother and sister, but we were spread out enough in age to have grown up as three “only children”. I often came home from school as a youngster, found a place near the bookshelf and read and admired the pictures in my favorite books till supper time. My mother loves books,… Continue reading My Childhood Friends

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Summer Reading Ends

Since we moved here in April, we have been enjoying the Lawton Public Library. It offers a wide array of books and programs for children. Because we have been so busy settling in (buying a house, learning the town, getting driver’s licenses, having dentist appointments, finding a piano teacher and more), we didn’t have much… Continue reading Summer Reading Ends


The Last Butterfly

This past summer, I decided to do my own summer reading program with the kids. For each book they read, or had read to them, I made a butterfly to put up around the ceiling of our school room. Okay, I didn’t “make” the actual butterflies, I bought some die cuts at a bookstore and… Continue reading The Last Butterfly


Summer Reading Makes My Heart Flutter!

Every summer, I try to do something to motivate my kids to read. I know, some folks are against using incentives for reading, but I’m not. I once even paid my kids $.25 for each book they read, back when they were just getting into reading. My daughter started to really love books then, and… Continue reading Summer Reading Makes My Heart Flutter!