Listening Sheets

When I was 8 years old, a visiting preacher’s wife took me under her wing during a revival at our church. She and her husband stayed at our house in the spare bedroom while they attended the revival our church hosted. One night just before the service started, I complained about being bored during the preaching. She happily pulled out a piece of paper, wrote down a few words, and asked me to keep track of how many times the preacher used those words. It was fun, and I still remember one of the words was “love”! And that was….a long time ago.

I’d forgotten all about that experience until I read THIS. I used the sheets on this website, but decided I’d like to make a few of my own, as well. Below are links to print out my “listening sheets.” For pre-readers, go HERE for some great sheets! I’m in the nursery with our baby quite a bit these days, and, well, my husband is at the pulpit preaching. That means our other four children must sit alone. These sheets are a great help during those times. 🙂

I recently had a woman tell me that kids don’t get anything out of preaching, but it ought not be that way. If they can’t quite comprehend the truths being taught, they can at least learn to listen.

Listening Sheet 1
Listening Sheet 2
Listening Sheet 3

**Update: I recently found a printable sermon note taking sheet for older children at Ministry To Children.
Thanks to Vickie at He Holds My Right Hand for posting about it! 🙂