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What to Do in the Waiting Room

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this graphic online. It was just what I needed at the time, and still do, by the way. I posted it on my Facebook page, and it has had over 600 shares! That means 600 other people shared this photo from my page, not to mention all the… Continue reading What to Do in the Waiting Room

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My Heart is Full

My heart is full to overflowing with emotions. I feel joy, grief, loneliness, shame, despair, love, hope, fear, and more. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so overwhelmed before, in this way, that is! How can you feel joy and grief? Only I could be so crazy! So much was supposed to happen, and… Continue reading My Heart is Full

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Look at the White Line

I will never forget the excitement that coursed through my veins as I got behind the wheel of our Tempo that chilly, rainy night. At that time, my mom was the elementary principal at Jessieville Schools. She wore many hats, as most faculty of small school districts do. She was head of the cafeteria and… Continue reading Look at the White Line

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Waiting Periods

Every morning, I meet the Lord at our special place. I have my coffee {with vanilla creamer}, my notebook, and my Bible with me. I have my Bible reading schedule, too! I sometimes read other books, like If by Amy Carmichael or Suffering and Death: The Saint’s Highest Calling, after my Bible reading. While reading… Continue reading Waiting Periods

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The Saint’s Highest Calling

I’ve owned the book, Suffering and Death: The Saint’s Highest Calling since about a year after my dad went to heaven. I can vividly recall the first time I ever saw this book. It was lying on my brother’s desk, many years ago. We were working in the church he pastored in Hot Springs, where… Continue reading The Saint’s Highest Calling

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The Birthday

This year, my birthday fell on a Sunday (March 25). Because of that, my husband wanted to celebrate it on the Saturday before. He hired a babysitter and took me out to Olive Garden for lunch! We both enjoyed salad, a bowl of potato soup, and we got those miniature versions of their desserts! And… Continue reading The Birthday

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I have so much to share, and yet, so little time these days! God has been lovingly guiding me and helping me in a very special way the past few weeks. I’ve endured more heartache, but somehow I’m managing things better! In fact, the trial no longer feels like a “valley”. Instead, it feels like… Continue reading Comfort

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Living in the Valley

It’s been hard to post anything lately. I haven’t felt like doing any online “interacting”. When I’m in the midst of a valley, I’ve found I just don’t have the words to say. And, if I do try to write about it, responses to those posts can often do more harm than good. Words can… Continue reading Living in the Valley