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A Rotten, Very Bad, Horribly Terrific Day

Monday: The most-hated day of the week. Most Mondays go okay for me. Of all the days of the week, I prepare the most meticulously for Monday. I suppose I do it because it seems to set the tone for the rest of the work-week. I lay out clothes, set my alarm thirty minutes earlier,… Continue reading A Rotten, Very Bad, Horribly Terrific Day

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Are You Ready for the JW’s?

Please forgive me for the following, rather hick video. I thought making a video would be easier and quicker than writing, so I am trying it.  I hope this information helps. Thanks for reading…I mean watching!     Here’s the lecture by Dr. James White, which is a great starting point for understanding the JW… Continue reading Are You Ready for the JW’s?

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20 Questions to Ask a Jehovah’s Witness

This past Wednesday, my morning was interrupted by a visit from two female representatives of the Jehovah’s Witness group. I was not feeling well and in the middle of school, so the visit was a surprise to say the least. Before I even answered the door, I was scolding myself at how ill prepared I… Continue reading 20 Questions to Ask a Jehovah’s Witness

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The Heart of a Seven Year Old

Leslie, helping decorate the tree this week. My children have said or done many things over the years that, in their innocence, greatly convicted me of my failings. Tonight was one of those times. On the first Saturday of each month, our church has “Field Service Saturday”. We go pass out tracts, witness to others… Continue reading The Heart of a Seven Year Old

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Fulfilling His Command

Today was our church’s organized time to go out together and invite folks to church and tell them about Jesus. My mother graciously agreed to drive down and watch out two youngest kids so that I could go out and talk to folks with my husband and three older children. I grabbed my black leather… Continue reading Fulfilling His Command

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How to Be Saved

This past Sunday morning, my husband preached two amazing messages. Okay, I love all of my husband’s messages, but let’s be real, shall we? There have been a few of his sermons from which I’ve walked away thinking Huh? Of course, the power of the sermon isn’t in him, it’s in the precious book he… Continue reading How to Be Saved

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Tunnel Vision

Jude 22 And some have compassion, making a difference. As I was leaving the store the other day, a woman walking in caught my eye. She was tall and slender, wearing jeans and a denim jacket. Her arms were crossed as she walked in, and at first glance, I thought she was crying. I took… Continue reading Tunnel Vision

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Some Inspiration

Do you need encouragement to keep witnessing for the Lord? Then look no further! This video is compelling. You know not how the Lord is taking what you think to be small efforts at witnessing, and multiplying them beyond your wildest dreams.This video was a great inspiration to me to keep sharing the Gospel with… Continue reading Some Inspiration