Theological Term of the Week: Protestantism

This week’s term: Protestantism – The group of churches that came out of Catholicism in protest to the heresies and spiritual crimes being committed in, and by, the Roman Catholic Church. These groups, without exception, still hold to the validity of a “Holy Catholic Church”. Catholicism, wishing to assert itself as the original church of… Continue reading Theological Term of the Week: Protestantism


Theological Term of the Week: Catholicism

This week’s term: Catholicism – Catholic means universal Rome, which both aspired to, and claimed to be, a universal government, realizing to remain so they needed control over a universal church, conceived of, and implemented, the Roman Catholic Church. Last week’s term: Ecclesiology – Greek (assembly) -ology (study). The study of the church.

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Mitchell: Fantastic at Fifteen

Today, my son, Mitchell, turns fifteen years old. I am thankful for his smile, his exuberance, and his sweet spirit each day, but this year is extra special for me. I am so thankful to be getting to celebrate this birthday with him. On October 22, 2016, while out on one of his regular bike… Continue reading Mitchell: Fantastic at Fifteen


Theological Term of the Week: Ecclesiology

We begin a new, and final, category this week! Part IX Words and Terms Describing the Church and Its Ordinances. This week’s term: Ecclesiology – Greek (assembly) -ology (study). The study of the church. Last week’s term: Analogy – An explaining of a thing by comparing it to something similar. The process by which new or… Continue reading Theological Term of the Week: Ecclesiology

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Lauren’s Graduation

On May 19, 2017, Terry and I proudly watched our oldest child, Lauren Kassidy, walk the aisle to “Pomp & Circumstance” and receive her high school diploma. This was not only a huge first for her but for us as well. It was thrilling to see our first child not only graduate high school but… Continue reading Lauren’s Graduation

Vacation 2017

The Jefferson Memorial

We had passed it a few times heading back and forth from our van to other destinations (the parking lot is free and vacant most of the time, so we used it to save money), but our last visit on this trip-of-a-lifetime was the Jefferson Memorial. We would actually stop this time. When I had… Continue reading The Jefferson Memorial

Vacation 2017

The Vietnam and FDR Memorials

After seeing the Lincoln Memorial, we visited the nearby Vietnam Memorial before making our way back to the van. On our way, we discovered the memorial to FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt. I had never seen either of these monuments before. The Vietnam Memorial was a somber place. As a young girl, I saw an interview… Continue reading The Vietnam and FDR Memorials