Psalm 69:20 Reproach hath broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness: and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none; and for comforters, but I found none.

I’ve spent my entire life around Christian people. The ones I was closest to, my family, were genuine. They battled the flesh, turned to God’s Word, got victory, grew, and then battled the flesh in some other area and the process repeated itself. While growing up, I noticed there were other Christians who never seemed to battle anything. If you talked to them, they were strong in faith, always upbeat, positive and victorious in their Christian lives. Then, a few years went by, and they left church completely for some unknown reason, or they fell into sin and didn’t want to get up again. That was that. So much for the constant grin they once had! I try just to be real – let folks know that yes, I struggle. Likewise, I try tell folks that yes, I know where to go for help – the Bible and my Heavenly Father!

When my Dad died suddenly seven years ago, I cannot begin to tell you some of the stupid comments people made to me at the funeral. They meant well, but man! Did they ever hurt an already breaking heart! When I was in the throws of PPD (but didn’t know it) a preacher that I believed I could trust blew me off completely. It wasn’t long after that the thought of just going on to Heaven was in my mind. I came very close to taking God’s most precious gift to me, my life. I didn’t know I had a medical condition that could be corrected. I just knew I was hurting, and that I needed someone to care. I didn’t dare tell anyone else about my problem after that, because I couldn’t bare someone else ignoring my cries for help.

David understands what I’m talking about. In the verse today, he is hurting. He looks for comforters and finds none. No one cares, no one understands. Yes, we as believers have the Lord, but we need each other, too. Sometimes, I just need to “vent”. Sometimes, I need to weep. Sometimes, I need someone to listen without judging me.

The Lord has proven to me that He is enough, He’s also given me a wonderful listener in my husband and mother and sister. They don’t judge me or criticize me, they just care about me. They put up with my ups and downs without keeping track of my failures. That speaks, no screams, “I LOVE YOU!”

This verse today reminded me that there are many hurting, struggling people out there. I want to be sure that I’m a listener and not a critic the next time someone needs to feel loved. In fact, I think I’ll look for someone to scream love to. 🙂

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