We begin Part VIII today: Words and Terms Describing the Principles of Study and Communication

This week’s term: Kerugmatology – As far as I know, this is a word of my own [Forrest L. Keener’s] origin: Greek Kerugma (preaching) -ology (study). Therefore, the science or study of preaching.

Last week’s term:  Pre-Wrathism – That form of eschatological doctrine which teaches that Christ’s return and the resurrection and rapture shall take place near the last of the tribulation period, just before the great wrath of God is released upon the earth.

2 thoughts on “Theological Term of the Week: Kerugmatology

  1. Cassandra says:

    Ok, I had to click through. This sounds like my coffee maker. 🙂


    1. Ah, you’re thinking of “Keurigmatology”, the study of coffee. 😉


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