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Never Give Up on Him

My youngest girl has gotten into the habit of saying “Thank the Lord!” about everything. She is using the phrase sincerely, but I worried that it might become flippant. One night, after she said it, I was about to gently suggest that she use these words carefully. I was going to explain about taking God’s… Continue reading Never Give Up on Him

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Laci Was in the Paper!

Our library has been hosting some very exciting summer reading story hours. The theme is “Dream big: READ!”. This last week, June 19, they had a magician. He was very funny and all five kids enjoyed it.When David Scott, the magician, asked for volunteers, Leslie raised her hand, but when he picked her, she pulled… Continue reading Laci Was in the Paper!

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Laci’s First Ride

Well, on March 6, 2012, another bittersweet moment went into the annuls of Basham family history. *sniff sniff* My youngest girl has taken of on two wheels! (I’m really dreading the day when it’s FOUR wheels!) It was so sweet to watch her face as she took off. She didn’t fall even once, because her… Continue reading Laci’s First Ride

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Fixing Up, Growing Up

My children are growing up so quickly. Today is my baby’s nine month birthday! Can it really be nine months ago that I had him? The calendar says yes, but my mind can’t truly comprehend it. My oldest is blossoming into young-womanhood, my son is getting stronger and taller with each passing day, my five… Continue reading Fixing Up, Growing Up


Like Mother, Like Daughter

This post is dedicated to my Mom. She patiently endured my wishes for long, flowing hair by allowing me to put half-slips, hose, and even towels on my head for pretend hair.I snapped this photo of my third daughter, Laci, just moments ago. Some things must be hereditary, right, Mom?  Like my hair?  And, yes, I… Continue reading Like Mother, Like Daughter