My daughter, Leslie, is committing this poem to memory in her fourth grade school work. I just love it, and I wanted to pass it along. Whether you’re familiar with it or not, I hope you enjoy it.


Little By Little

“Little by little,” an acorn said,
As it slowly sank in its mossy bed,
“I am improving every day,
Hidden deep in the earth away.”

Little by little, each day it grew;
Little by little, it sipped the dew;
Downward it sent out a thread-like root;
Up in the air sprung a tiny shoot.

Day after day, and year after year,
Little by little the leaves appear;
And the slender branches spread far and wide,
Till the mighty oak is the forest pride.

Far down in the depths of the dark blue sea,
An insect train works ceaselessly.
Grain by grain, they are building well,
Each one alone in its little cell.

Moment by moment, and day by day,
Never stopping to rest or play,
Rocks upon rocks, they are reaching high,
Till the top looks out on the sunny sky.

The gentle wind and the balmy air,
Little by little, bring verdure there;
Till the summer sunbeams gaily smile
On the buds and the flowers of the coral isle.

“Little by little,” said a thoughtful boy,
“Moment by moment, I’ll well employ,
Learning a little every day,
And not spending all my time in play.
And still this rule in my mind shall dwell,
Whatever I do, I will do it well.

“Little by little, I’ll learn to know
The treasured wisdom of long ago;
And one of these days, perhaps, we’ll see
That the world will be the better for me”;
And do you not think that this simple plan
Made him a wise and useful man?

It’s been a long week for me, and I admit I’ve had some discouraging moments. I pray that God will help me to learn to trust Him even when His face seems hidden. This poem reminds me that the moments add up, and I can use each one – even the difficult ones – for Him. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for visiting my online home. See you soon, Lord willing!


4 thoughts on “Little By Little

  1. Tori says:

    That’s a great poem, very encouraging. Hope your weekend is better than your week!


    1. Thank you so much, Tori!


  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    That is such a terrific photo of a beautiful girl. I like the poem, but it is a long one to memorize. She is smart, though, so she will have no trouble learning it.
    I love you.


    1. It is long, but several of hers have been long this year.


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