Well, here I am, back in Texas! I enjoyed my trip back to the land of my nativity, but man, was it rushed! I tried to post from Arkansas, but we were so busy, I just couldn’t take the time to do it. I also did a lousy job of getting photos of anyone! I kept leaving my camera in the van, and it was pouring down rain nearly the entire time we were home! I did get to enjoy the crisp mornings and the gorgeous colors that have come to typify autumn. It was great!
The preaching was good- but long! With two preachers in the evenings, we didn’t get out of church until 11:00 or later. That was hard! Laci got sick on Wednesday night, so I missed the morning services on Thursday (when Terry got to preach!) and the evening services. We made it in late Friday night and Saturday was our ladies fellowship. I had to take Laci to the ER on Sunday morning, because she got a terrible rash (it’s better now) and I found out she has another ear infection! (Help, LORD!) She may need tubes. We would appreciate your prayers for her. We’re really worn out, and she is too! 😦
Mrs. Laurie Hall, missionary wife to Kenya, Africa, spoke to our ladies on Saturday, and it was such a blessing! She gave her salvation testimony and then shared a devotional thought from Psalm 37. She then answered our questions about Kenya. I got to have her family up to our house on Sat. night, Sunday, and Monday. It was so nice to get to fellowship with her. Her boys are 17 and 15 and are so kind. They have very good attitudes. I asked Laurie if they did anything extra to ensure that the boys stay close to the Lord and she said they have always taught the boys their motto “Life is for service.” I thought that was great. That’s our new family motto! I want my children to be servants! I want them to serve God, and to serve others. God didn’t give us life so we could become rich, or famous, or leaders of the free world, but simply to serve. She was such a blessing to me, and Bro. Hall was a big encouragement to Terry.
We believe the way up is down, and that’s how we plan to live. Jesus stooped down to wash the disciples’ feet, and he stooped down from Heaven to save my wicked soul! I think I’ll just spend my life “stooping down” to serve others as He leads me. After all, as Laurie Hall says, “Life is for service!” And she’s right!

One thought on “Life Is For Service

  1. Mother says:

    I'm glad you finally found some time to post a new entry. I have been checking every day, but I knew you were swamped with things to do. I'm glad the Hall family was such a blessing. I am praying for all of you.


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