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A Little Update…

Well, I feel like most of the pressures of Christmas are past! I have finished most of my shopping – one more gift for Terry to buy – and I am through homeschooling until after Christmas!!!! YEA!!! I am going to make my visits, get my stuff for Super Church ready, and make up some Christmas goody bags for my Super Church kids today.
I wanted to tell you my progress this past week on my exercise…(clears throat) I didn’t do very well. I was thinking about lying to you and saying how great I did at exercising in the midst of Christmas chaos, but then I realized that lying is wrong…so I must be honest – I bombed this week. I did walk over a mile at Lakeline Mall last night, does that count? But, then I ruined that be eating a Hershey’s pie at Burger King after we were done. I am going to try to work out today, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. I’ll let ya know.
Anyway, on a brighter, more cheerful note, here are a few pics of my kids in case my niece Amber in Florida is tuning in, or in case you, a possible total stranger, would be interested in them!

My laundry is a lot of fun!

Mitch had to join in on this! He was pushing her around in the laundry hamper!

Leslie is my little helper. She has to be right at my side whenever I’m cooking!

She also loves to dress up!

Lauren wasn’t too happy about Mitch falling asleep on her shoulder during our last trip home from Arkansas, but she put a smile on fast when the camera came out! She’s like Blair Warner, I guess. (Inside joke for Melanie)

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