Kindergarten Homeschooling Helps

I have been home schooling my children for the past four years. Lauren is in the third grade this year, and Mitch is in Kindergarten. I learned so much while teaching Lauren. I made some mental and written notes while teaching her that have come in very handy for teaching the same material to Mitchell.

Here are some of the things I learned while teaching my kids. These ideas are not just for home schooling parents; any mother can help her child get a step ahead, or work on a difficult concept using some of these nifty tools.

I found that using a clock that had “moving hands” was so important in teaching time. As the minute hand turns on this clock, the hour hand moves accordingly. Therefore, it simulates the movement of a real clock. I cannot tell you how easy this clock has made my life! :o) It only cost me $6.00 at a teacher supply store. (If you have a teacher supply store in your area DO go check it out! Ours is called Teacher Heaven, and that is exactly what it is!)

Abeka’s home school curriculum includes ready made lesson plans (Let’s all give Abeka a great big thank you for that!) In these plans, they tell you to use a flannel board and felt pieces to demonstrate various concepts. I ordered the felt objects for counting from Abeka during Lauren’s Kindergarten year and they were very handy! We used them for counting, teaching patterns, story problems, and just plain old fun! If possible, try to make use of a flannel board and either purchased or home made felt pieces. Kids love ’em.

Abeka also encourages the purchase of felt numbers, but I made my own. I bought ready-cut letters at Teacher Heaven and cut some strips of felt. I then glued the pieces of felt onto the back of the numbers from my ready-cut letters packet and voila! These are used in conjunction with the felt objects. For example, you might place four flowers, three trees, five birds, etc. on the board. The student then counts the objects and places the correct number (with felt on the back) beside the corresponding number of objects.

This small marker board is ideal for demonstrating the correct formation of letters and numbers. One side is blank, and the other side is lined. Instead of standing at a board, the student can write on this board much like they will a piece of paper. Unfortunately, these were not around when Laure was in Kindergarten. They have been so nice to have! I highly recommend these! This one cost me about $7 at Wal-Mart.
If you are thinking about homeschooling, here are some great resources to get you started:
I also highly recommend Abeka, but I realize there are many good homeschooling options available these days! I’m sure they are all good. We use the Abeka DVD school, as well as the traditional “Mom taught” school.
Again, whether you home school or not, I hope you can use these ideas for your kids, grandkids, Sunday school kids, etc. Also, if you have any great teaching ideas, I’d love to hear from you! Please email me, or comment here. This was just something I thought I’d share.
Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!!

One thought on “Kindergarten Homeschooling Helps

  1. Hi Valerie! Another place to get some felt board things is at There is a math set that has little old fashioned toys you can use as manipulatives, and it comes with numbers and symbols, fraction pieces and shapes. There are a lot of other ideas there as well that will help with homeschooling both aged kids. They come with lesson and activity ideas too! Good luck, your kids are lucky to have you as a Mom! Loved reading your blog!


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