Okay, most of you know that we, well okay, I am an “I Love Lucy” fan. My kids are also fans, and we are slowly winning Terry over to our side. It is funny because, really, I have lots “Lucy” moments. Anyway, we have all six seasons. Since we love the show, we spend hours (just kidding folks) teaching our children things like singing “Babalu” while pounding on a chair or table. Laci has mastered the technique of doing it on her belly! I just captured this on video and I had to share it with you. Hope you like it.

This next clip will be most appreciated by relatives, so non-relatives, feel free to skip this one! I just thought you would enjoy hearing some of Laci’s new lingo.

2 thoughts on “Just Had To Share This…

  1. Mother says:

    It takes me a while to get them, but I love the videos. I'm glad I get to hear Laci “BABALU” in person soon! I have big hugs waiting for all of you.


  2. Awe! That was soo cute. What a precious Doll Baby you have!


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