My family is rather strange. Yes, we admit it. We are unique; independent. Weird, okay? My family is weird. Putting a fancy word on it doesn’t change the result. We don’t go mixed swimming, we don’t go to dances or the like and we don’t go to movies. See? I told you we were weird! Instead, we enjoy “homebody” things. We like talking together, playing games together and of course, eating together! ☺ Since we will be out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to do something special a little early just for the six of us. I am cooking our Thanksgiving meal tonight!! I enjoy doing things for my family. I only wish I could “go all out” every night for them!
There is one movie that I enjoy watching at this time every year, but I haven’t been able to see it in quite a while. I first watched it with my Mom and Dad when I was about 14 years old or so. We all enjoyed it immensely. I had once owned it on VHS, but alas, the tape finally bit the dust. That was about four years ago! I had mentioned to my husband that I had seen this very movie for sale on, but it was almost $20!! I was hoping to save up and buy it for myself at some point.
Well, two days ago, as I was planning things for our family dinner, Terry told me that he ordered my movie! In fact, it wasn’t just the movie I had wanted, but it was an entire set! He had found a set of movies that was a better deal. Yippee! I have been eagerly watching for the UPS truck to stop by ever since. I have told the children that after our family meal, we’ll pull out “my favorite Thanksgiving movie” and watch it together. They have been grilling me for the title since then, but I wouldn’t give in…till today! That’s right, I just warmly greeted my UPS lady and received my special gift!!

Here’s a hint: DORIS DAY!!! Don’tcha just love Doris Day?? ♥

This is the cover of the entire set which consists of seven movies!
Here they are!! The titles are as follows: Romance on the High Seas; My Dream is Yours; I’ll See You In My Dreams (biographical movie of Gus Kahn, the man who composed such hits as “It Had to Be You”; “Pretty Baby” and “Carolina in the Mornin'”); On Moonlight Bay; By the Light of the Silvery Moon; Lucky Me

Can you figure out which one we’ll be watching?

Here it is!
This is such a touching story. It is inspired by Booth Tarkington’s Penrod stories. I love the way it makes you feel afterwards. It doesn’t leave you depressed and “blah” the way some newer movies do. It makes you feel good. It makes you want to have a close-knit family.

Here’s the sequel! It is equally good!

And here’s the man who made it possible!
My husband and I do not have many material possessions. The ones we do have are not as precious to us as our children. Our dear children are eternal possessions! You can’t get better than that! Recently in a sermon, my husband said he couldn’t think of anything that he wouldn’t give up to help one of his children stay close to God. Some would say we’re anti-social. Some would say that because we homeschool and refrain from certain practices, that we are trying to shelter our children too much. We disagree. They see plenty of the outside world as we go soulwinning, as we interact with people in businesses, and in their homes, and so forth. Someday they will be able to go out and forge their own path in the world. Our desire is to prepare them for that day, and then be here when they need us. You would never see our U.S. Military sending a new recruit to Iraq without his first having finished Basic Training! No way! The first thing a soldier learns is how to fight and how to have the highest chance of survival. That’s what we’re doing with our “new recruits”. We’re training them rigorously in God’s Word and by example. We’re trying to teach them the way to have the highest chance of survival in the world.
I’m thankful for my close-knit family. I’m thankful for the simple pleasures.

10 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Laura :) says:

    I'm thankful I found your blog this year!

    Well, my favorite T'giving movie is………A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Wal-Mart had a set of 3 Charlie Brown DVDs. So now we have the Great Pumpkin, Thanksgiving, and Charlie Brown Christmas. Woohoo!! 🙂 (It doesn't take much to make me happy.)

    Enjoy your family meal tonight.

    Laura 🙂


  2. Mrs. C says:

    I believe it is our duty as Christian parents to shelter our children; in the process we teach them how to be shining lights for Jesus in this dark world.


  3. How wonderful that he was able to find your movie and then some! God is so wonderful.
    I'm sorry, I thought your brother and sister were coming to your house.
    I hope that your Thanksgiving Meal and Movie was filled with Joy, Laughter and Bellies full of Love and Turkey.
    I have spent my day decorating the Learning Environment Area for our All Church Thanksgiving Meal. I came upstairs to take a load off, read some gmails and saw that you posted. I now have my second wind and am good to continue decorating. I think I'll sleep good tonight. Hubby still isn't home yet. He will be getting in around 1 am. He stopped and visited a Pastor friend.
    Well I'm off…


  4. Kristy... says:

    I agree with Mrs C… I get so tired of the “world” telling me what an injustice I am doing to my kids for the way that I raise them.. and perhaps, if I were living by the worlds standards I WOULD be doing them an injustice… but, on the other side.. I dont do ENOUGH to shelter them…. as I am not perfect. I of coarse do my best but, I often fail and then have to make changes but, I wouldnt have it any other way.
    THanks for the Prayers for me while Gabe went to school… He only goes four days.. what a relief.. today he was off…


  5. Well dear sister, I guess we are kindred spirits ~ I don't go to movies, dances, or things like that either! And I don't think there is anything weird about it!


  6. Shauna says:

    Hey I hope you have an awesome weekend! Check out my blog to get your awards with l♥ts of l♥ve from me 🙂 ♥ Hugs! 🙂 Shauna


  7. Kristy... says:

    I can pack it up and send it to ya ! (the snow that is :P) Dont be jealous.. while it sure is pretty. we DO have to drive in it… that takes its appeal away!


  8. Hi Valerie,
    Thank you for the prayers that are coming our way 🙂 We are grateful.

    I wanted to let you know that I did update the post with the link that you requested. I will try to add it in this comment, too.

    It's a discounted link 🙂



  9. Anonymous says:

    Terry is soooo thoughtful. Did he order those movies on Amazon?



  10. Tori says:

    Great post Valerie!!!

    First off, we're the same, no mixed swimming, movies or dancing and we're real homebodies. We love spending time alone at home watching movies and eating pop corn.
    We just finished It's a Wonderful Life, and all time classic.
    We love all the old movies, have you seen Calamity Jane with Dorris Day? or Mr. Smith goes to Washington with James Stewart? It's a wonderful movie, one of my favorites.

    Oh yea and we over protect our kids too. Is there even such a thing as over protecting them? really, who came up with that idea anyhow? How can you over protect somethings so precious?
    It's ridiculous how children as exposed to all the sex and violence at such a young age, they aren't mentally able to process all that information and it troubles them, hey it troubles me!
    I'm all for protection, I say protect them until they can protect themselves.

    Anyhoo, have a great day Valerie!


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