My husband left this comment for me on my post from the other day. I thought it was so funny! Terry is very real. He’s very honest. He’s very funny! I especially thought my family might get a kick out of this! 🙂

25 Things About Terry:

1. I’m a crazy man.
2. I don’t know where to say I’m from when people ask me because I’ve lived in so many places.
3. I’ve been injected with radioactive dye after I had an allergic reaction to the regular kind.
4. My left foot is narrower than by right.
5. I am a little weird about the Bible I use – Scofield.
6. I am a cynic of the worst kind.
7. I can argue both sides of most issues because “I” don’t have a side.
8. I like to get people angry, why? Because I like to live at the edge of death, it’s exhilarating.
9. I’ve seen a man -in person- who swallowed a cigarette that was still burning .
10. My wife makes me very happy.
11. My kids all have Blond Hair and Blue Eyes, like my wife.
12. They are all smart like, my wife.
13. They all are very affectionate like, my wife.
14. They all can drive a person to the brink of insanity, like me.
15. I’ve attended a Catholic Mass just to see what it was like.
16. My first memory is about age 5, I didn’t get my brain till then.
17. My Parents married in the 70’s and thank God my name isn’t Rain Blossom.
18. I didn’t know my real name was Terry until I was 5, my parent’s called me —- not rain blossom!
19. I used to roller blade a lot, I’ve driven hundreds of miles just grind a rail and roll/fall down stairs.
20. My first computer experience was a Tandy T100 (?) from radio shack.
21. I lived in an area of the country where people still hated yankees for 6 years.
22. I married a woman who used to hate me!
23. I won the reading contest in third grade! (they didn’t say golden books didn’t count) (just kidding about the golden books)
24. I almost drowned in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
25. My favorite song sung by Ken and Pam Graham is “don’t go to heaven alone, take somebody with you”. To which I add “POW POW” (That’s the noise of a gun firing. VB)

– Terry Basham, II

6 thoughts on “A Little About My Husband

  1. Mother says:

    I don't understand #19, and what does POW mean besides “Prisoner of War?”

    Where did Terry live that people hated Yankees?


  2. Mary says:

    I've told him and now I'll tell you. Your husband is a nut! A sweet nut, but a nut! lol 🙂 He reminds me of Bro. Ken alot! 🙂


  3. Kristy... says:

    what a fun guy you are married to!


  4. Heather B. says:

    You two are quite the pair! He cracks me up!


  5. Tori says:

    Okay now that was funny. He's a real character isn't he Valerie?
    I'm so glad we got to meet you in person down in Texas and now get to know you even better.

    Happy Lord's Day!


  6. Misty says:

    Oh my…is that really my cousin? He is a class act. Can't wait to see you guys next week 🙂


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