My husband has been so kind to mix up hummingbird food for me and keep the feeder above my kitchen window filled. I have really enjoyed watching the birds come in for food. I saw five fluttering around it at once just last week! I’ve been trying to capture them around the feeder, but they are so fast, it’s hard to do so. About two weeks ago, I finally snapped a few photos of the birds. I hope you can see them, I’m sorry I’m not a better photographer!
 Here, the bird is sitting at the feeder getting a drink.


In this one, there is a hummingbird fluttering to the right of the feeder.
I have been so busy, that I haven’t had time to worry about the hummingbird feeder, but I have enjoyed watching them while I do housework. I appreciate my husband’s act of love in mixing up the nectar and keeping it filled for me.
A common recipe is four parts water to one part sugar. Stir in sugar until dissolved and fill feeder. You don’t need to add food coloring, but we have been. (I just learned that recently!)
I sure have enjoyed watching them and will be sad to see them moving along in the winter. I love the amazing world God has created.
Marveling at God’s handiwork,


One thought on “God’s Amazing Creation

  1. Kristy... says:

    I have NEVER seen a hummingbird.. but, a couple of weeks ago my uncle gave me one. Its so cute and shaped like an apple. I havent used it yet because he said that here in Michigan, you shouldnt have them out past Labor Day because it keeps them lingering and they will stay too long and freeze.. I dunno how that all goes, As I have said I have never used one BUT.. I said all that to say.. SHew I am wordy today,
    that I cant wait till next spring/summer to see hummingbirds at my feeder! 😀


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