My in-laws graciously offered to take our four older children to the safety carnival put on by their community last Saturday. Matthew stayed with Terry’s grandmother and Terry and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon out alone together in Dublin, Ohio! We ate at Texas Roadhouse and had some ice cream at Dairy Queen. My father-in-law sent me these photos of the kids at the carnival. They were very tired when they got home and took good naps! 🙂 One very exciting thing was that Leslie won a bicycle and helmet in a drawing!!! She was also supposed to have her picture in the newspaper up there, but since we don’t live there, we weren’t sure which one! I’m hoping someone up there sees it and can pass it along to us. (hint, hint, Ohio readers!) 🙂 The new bike is such a blessing! Laci is now needing a bike, but we haven’t been able to purchase her one. With Leslie winning this one, we can pass on Leslie’s old bike to Laci. My kids were all very happy for their sister. This warmed my heart more than anything. Here are some photos from that day.

 Laci got her face painted.
Some sort of robot…the kids couldn’t remember what it was for! 
 Leslie getting her prize with Granddad! She’s my shy one! 🙂
They enjoyed snowcones! Leslie got to make her own and, well, got a bit carried away. 🙂
All the kids could take a one minute rescue boat ride. 
 Grandma and Granddad took the kids to a local park, which, according to the kids, was the best one EVER! 
We went to a Chinese buffet for Leslie’s 6th birthday. They played a birthday song for her over the loud speaker and brought her a little dessert with a candle in it! (I’m sorry you can’t see the dessert very well! I took a bad photo here.)
I have more to share soon! Thanks for reading!


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