Devotional Thoughts

I’m Thankful for what I Don’t Have!

In Genesis 20, we read the story of Abraham jouneying to Gerar. There, for some reason, he told Abimelech, the king of Gerar, that Sarah was his sister. (Which, she was his half-sister, but more importantly, she was his wife!) Abimelech made plans to take Sarah for himself, thinking she was unattached. God intervened before that could happen. God told Abimelech in a dream that Sarah was taken, thus sparing Abimelech from sinning and sparing Abraham the consequences of that sin as well. Even though, Abraham sort of deserved it, since he did lie and all. God took care of Abraham, even though Abraham had sinned!
I often make mistakes. I say things I shouldn’t, or I think things I shouldn’t, or I make bad choices. Often, I immediately feel pricked in my heart for my wrong doing. I ask the Lord to forgive me, but I don’t ask that he erase the penalty for my wrong doing. How can I? I made the mistake, I deserve the punishment. Today, as I read this portion of scripture, I wondered how often the Lord has not just forgiven me for sin, but spared me the consequences of my wrong action? Probably more than I could count! Since He doesn’t speak to folks through dreams anymore, I’m not aware of how often He has extended mercy to me by preventing things from happening. We know what does happen – the blessings He sends us – because we see them. But I have no idea what hasn’t happened but should’ve
I’m so thankful for God’s mercy. I’m thankful for things He hasn’t given me. 

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