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Talk to Me

“Talk to me” used to be a common catch phrase for radio talk shows. Whenever I have a problem, I have several close friends and family members who say to me, in some form or another, “Talk to me. I’m here for you.” And, I usually do talk to them. I share my burdens. I sometimes stoop to complaining and whining. Most of the time, I hang up or walk away feeling worse than I did before I talked to them. I feel bad that I may have discouraged them, or I feel yucky for complaining. Those complaining words don’t taste good at all. I feel bad because they sometimes scold me – telling me to stop complaining. Sometimes, I get ignored or treated as though my problem doesn’t matter.

Bottom line – I never feel better after talking to a person about my problems.

Just recently, I picked up the phone to call someone and sob about my problem. It is a big problem…well, to me, anyway. I wanted to speak to someone and get comfort. Or try to. There’s no guarantee. (See above paragraph.) I hung up the phone. I sat in silence. It was as though the Lord said, Talk to me. I’ll comfort you. I’ll listen. I won’t make you feel worse. In fact, I’ll carry your load for you. No one else can do that. I thought of 1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 34:18 and Matthew 11:28.

I prayed. I talked to Him, and I felt better.


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