Ex.16:8 … for that the LORD heareth your murmurings which ye murmur against him: and what are we? your mumurings are not against us, but against the LORD.

I’ve never been a fan of the show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. I watched a few episodes only to grow weary of Kate’s constant complaining and criticism of all things, especially of her husband. When I stood in a mile long line at the grocery store this week, I picked up a copy of People magazine because it said that her new show, minus Jon, had been cancelled! I was kind of surprised. I read the article out of curiosity. That, and the fact I had a spare 20 minutes to kill waiting to put my items on the conveyor belt. In the article, she whined and cried about how she didn’t know how she’d pay for her 2 million-dollar-plus home on 24 acres, or how she’d pay for her kids’ private school. She moaned about how her kids wouldn’t get to take anymore trips, or be on TV anymore! Of course, we all know how she feels. Didn’t you just hate it when your TV show was ripped off the air with nary a warning? No? Oh, wait, we live in the real world! The least of my worries is all the trips we don’t take. She ended the article by saying she really wanted a talk show. I can see why, since she can relate to the masses so well. {sarcasm} I was never so happy to come to the end of an article in my life. I went ahead and finished it, hoping there might be a glimmer of humanity, love,  or perhaps some appreciation to her fans for letting her sour mouth last this long on TV! I was disappointed. She sounded selfish and spoiled to the very end.

I know, you’re thinking, so, what’s the point? Well, as I read that whiny article, and then this verse and other verses from Exodus about Israel’s griping, I realized how disgusting whining is. I also realized that, *ahem* I do it, too. {blushing} Yes, it’s true. Occasionally, I moan and gripe and whine. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s annoying to people nearby, but especially to the God who loved me enough to send His only Son to pay for my sins. He’s given me so much: A home in Heaven, His Word, the chance to talk to Him day or night, friends who pray for me, my family, protection, a home, food, luxury items – no, not a 24 acre mansion – appliances! A running vehicle! Hot water! An inside bathroom! Furry socks in the winter! A ceiling fan in the summer! Coffee! Vanilla creamer! Trash bags! A lap top! Marshmallows! Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! (once in a while, of course.) INTERNET! The list goes on and on! Why, oh why do I gripe?

Yes, there are those who gripe at me, as well. I’m not very long-suffering about it, either. I get weary. I’m just trying to serve the Lord. Yes, I fail a lot, but I’m trying. Why must there be constant complaining? Then, I read the end of the verse above. When folks complain about matters from God’s Word, they are not upset with us, they are upset with God. And He will have to handle that. I have my hands full watching my own gripe-prone mouth!

I’m going to work on praising with my mouth, rather than pouting. Yes, I have my work cut out for me!

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