After a long, grueling summer, I am eagerly watching for the first signs of autumn. Technically, it’s still summer. And the while the weather is much milder, we are still seeing highs in the 90s. As I pulled into my driveway from buying groceries a few days ago, I couldn’t help but admire the fall foliage in our yard. Some of it is still on the trees but each day the bed of fallen leaves and pine needles gets thicker. Nature has been changing color for some time now, but sadly, most has been due to lack of rainfall. I am very grateful for the change in season! I always say that just as I get tired of one season, it’s time for a new one! Isn’t the Creator wonderful, to give us so much variety?

Here are some photos of the Lord’s autumn decorations:

 A tree in our side yard. 
 I loved how the leaves were scattered about perfectly in our yard. It looked just right to me. 🙂
A closer look. It’s too bad our poor grass withered away a long time ago.

Has autumn appeared where you are? I’m excited that she’s well on her way, here! 🙂


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