Matt. 8:15 And he touched her hand, and the fever left her: and she arose, and ministered unto them.

It seems we have two extremes in Baptist churches today. We either have churches where there is much activity and many people working, or churches where absolutely nothing is going on. The first one is the right one. Churches should be busy reaching the lost and helping other believers. However, have you noticed that most of the time, it is women who run or work in the ministries of the church? Most Sunday School teachers, Children’s church workers and bus workers are women! Many Christian school teachers are women! I’m not saying it’s wrong for women to serve in these ministries, but often, they get overloaded with “church ministry” and fail to do well at their “God given ministry” – the family.

In the verse today, we see Peter’s mother-in-law is ill and Jesus heals her. She immediately begins her ministry again – serving her guests! Hospitality is almost a thing of the past, yet, we are told in God’s word to be hospitable. (Rom.12:13, 1 Pet.4:9) Why is this? Because we’re busy working in other “ministries”.

As a Pastor’s wife, I know everyone has expectations of me. Recently, a women informed me that a former pastor’s wife used to sit with a different family in the church each Sunday. She said this as though I should do the same. I’m glad that she was happy with that other lady for her choice to sit somewhere new each week, and I think that was fine for that pastor’s wife to do so. But it is not something I can do. I have to serve in the ways that my husband wants me to. I have to be careful that I please God and my husband, not man.

The same is true of all women. Our ministry is our families! They come first and church work comes second. I know. This sounds like I’m saying to put off church work, or quit doing it entirely. I don’t mean that at all. As women, our tender hearts can allow us to try to fill every need we see. Most of us can’t do everything without experiencing frustration and burnout. We must learn to prioritize. We can’t all do everything, but we can all do something.

Speaking of family, I better tend to mine! Have a wonderful Thursday!

One thought on “My Ministry

  1. Melissa says:

    Ministry Wife here and Oh I hate those comparing words.
    And you immediately spoke to a huge burden- In ministry we are filling ourselves and the “ministry” functions of the church with too much Junk, and spending too much time and energy maintaining the weeds instead of reaching the broken, lost and alone. Unless it is an act preformed in an “organized quarterly” outreach, and when women pick up the control in a ministry instead of letting it fall, “because mercy forbid let one of these programs fall” When you're doing ministry within the relm of the gifts God has given you and youre doing unto GOD alone. Ministry Rocks, we need to begin seeing ministry through the eyes of Christ and what He would have us do instead of picking up all these functions to keep others from thinking bad of us, lest something fall! Anywho, be blessed! Hope this makes sense 🙂 I'm writeing it really quickly 🙂


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