We finally endured something that we’ve been dreading for about a year now. A good family in our church, with five children, moved to Oklahoma this last weekend. It’s been particularly hard on my son. He has so enjoyed having three boys to play with! Lauren is taking it hard, but not as hard as Mitch. I recently dug out an old Bible study that I completed over a year ago. In it, it asked me to list answers to prayer I’d received. One that I listed, and remember begging God for, was a family with children! He answered when He sent this family to us. I remember hearing that they were leaving, wondering why the Lord would move them after He’d sent them to us. Then, I remembered Job’s words, after the loss of his property and children. He said, “The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”

I’m…we are all very sad to see our friends leave. We miss them. Their seats are empty. We are wondering if more people will leave (we’ve lost many since we came) before more start coming. But whatever happens, we know that God does all things well and we praise Him in the good times and the bad. All the time He is good!

To this dear family, thank you for the memories. Thank you for your friendship. May the Lord make your way prosperous and bless all that you do. And always remember, we miss you.

With love,

3 thoughts on “Thanks for the Memories

  1. Nikki says:

    I know exactly how you feel. We have been pastoring our church for 16 years now. So many have come and gone. We have 4 children of our own and there is only 2 little girls who attend our church outside of our kids. One girl in only there on Wed. nights, brought by her grandmother. And the other comes with her Nana and is not a very good influence.

    A few years ago, we had several more children at our church. But when our ex-associate pastor decided to split our church and start his own, most of the families with children left.

    So for two years, I've asked God to send us just one family with children. More would be wonderful, but I'm only asking for one. So far that has not happened. Our children seem okay with it but I know they'd love to have some friends at church.

    I'll be praying for your church that the Lord would bless you with the desires of your heart.

    God bless!


  2. Valerie says:

    Oh Nikki! I'm so sorry! That is just horrible! Our church here had a split right before we came. That guy took all the workers of the church. It is encouraging to know I'm not alone, though. We can comfort one another! 🙂 Thank you for commenting. I will be praying for you all.


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a sweet post about such a dear family. I know you all still miss them so much.


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