Everyone may already know about this site, but it’s new to me. It’s called Sheppard Software. It’s home to hundreds of games on all subjects. There are activities for pre-schoolers, as well as math, geography, science, history, health and puzzles!! My family is loving it. It’s been a great way to supplement math – you can do an online drill, disguised as a game! There are several different games on many different topics and levels within each topic! It’s wonderful!

I just wanted to pop in and spread the word! (There’s even a section for adults!) While you’re surfing, here are a few more sites that I read about in Homeschool Enrichment magazine – another awesome resource for Bible believing homeschooling moms.

Ambleside Online – FREE Charlotte Mason lesson plans!
Homeschool Classifieds – A great place to buy and sell used books! I just bought two books there and put some on to sell, as well. You can post 7 items at a time free!
National Park Service – You can view live webcams, watch interactive videos and play games! Just watch out for references to evolution. 🙂

Happy hopping! (Site hopping, that is.)


2 thoughts on “Sites for Homeschooling Families

  1. Thanks for sharing. I had not heard of this one before.

    You have also been on mind lately….just wanted you to know, smile 🙂


  2. Mama2four says:

    Since we moved and my husband started a brand new church, I have had to start homeschooling-yikes! It's a full day process, isn't it? Well, at least for my three in school it is! I think it would be easier if not for the four year old and 1 year old disrupting things! =) I will have to check these out- thanks!~Cassandra Mc


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