Sites for Homeschooling Families

Everyone may already know about this site, but it’s new to me. It’s called Sheppard Software. It’s home to hundreds of games on all subjects. There are activities for pre-schoolers, as well as math, geography, science, history, health and puzzles!! My family is loving it. It’s been a great way to supplement math – you can do an online drill, disguised as a game! There are several different games on many different topics and levels within each topic! It’s wonderful!

I just wanted to pop in and spread the word! (There’s even a section for adults!) While you’re surfing, here are a few more sites that I read about in Homeschool Enrichment magazine – another awesome resource for Bible believing homeschooling moms.

Ambleside Online – FREE Charlotte Mason lesson plans!
Homeschool Classifieds – A great place to buy and sell used books! I just bought two books there and put some on to sell, as well. You can post 7 items at a time free!
National Park Service – You can view live webcams, watch interactive videos and play games! Just watch out for references to evolution. 🙂

Happy hopping! (Site hopping, that is.)


2 thoughts on “Sites for Homeschooling Families

  1. Since we moved and my husband started a brand new church, I have had to start homeschooling-yikes! It's a full day process, isn't it? Well, at least for my three in school it is! I think it would be easier if not for the four year old and 1 year old disrupting things! =) I will have to check these out- thanks!~Cassandra Mc


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